My Husband Is In Jail

My husband got arrested in our home in January he will be out in a couple weeks thank God but man the things we went through already the first couple weeks he was just convinced I was cheating on him regardless of me putting the last of my money I had on his books and seeing him every weekend. He went to see the board of porole and I was there to give his lawyer all the paper work to prove he got a job was helping pay the bills and other things. He had know idea that I was going to be there and have all that for him. The reason why he didn't get longer time was because of everything I did for him that's when he he reliezed I wasn't any other female he's ever been with. The accussing me of cheating stopped and the letters I get from him are loving and respectful. Now I am sitting here waiting for his release. I want that next letter I want a phone call I don't care if its 30 seconds long like I got on Valentine's days just to tell me happy Valentine's day and he loves me.
lilrivera lilrivera
26-30, F
Feb 22, 2012