Small Circle With A Big Heart

I love my EP friends.

They have helped me tremendously.

From planning a wedding (no easy task in 35 days), a few dinner parties, helping me and my husband through the death of his father, we have been blessed.

I recently received the best answer to a question someone posted.  I went to their whiteboard to thank them and saw the following status.

GIRLS want attention, WOMEN want respect.

I asked if I could repost her status and share it with others.  AriesPam said yes. (thank you)

I reposted the status and sent private messages to all of those in my small friendship circle (men included) to join with me in posting a status that I hope will bring awareness and respect to women on EP.

I see a lot of negativity.  Not just on EP but in life in general.  It is the nature of my job.  I work hard to keep myself positive in the light of such negativity (pain and suffering).

I know that bad news always travels faster than good news. It is my hope that the good post will travel as fast or faster than a negative one and make people stop and think before they post something negative as a comment or a story. 

Your feelings and experiences are yours but I think if people were more aware of how their comments affect others, they would be more likely to weigh their words more carefully.

By the time I finished sending messages to my small circle, I had already seen its positive affects.

Thank you to my circle and those not in it who have chosen to repost the status.

Positive behavior does make a difference in our outlook on life.
WildSpectrumArts WildSpectrumArts
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5 Responses Apr 17, 2012

I am proud to be your husband and happy to be your circle.

Positive behavior comes from positive thinking and good self esteem. You are so right on the issue of respect for women and men as well. But when you are disrespected, you are within your rights to not let it go unchallenged.

i enjoyed reading Your post WildspectrumArts, i am not in Your circle although i agree with many things i have read from You and i have respect for You as a Doctor and also for You as a private individual. we all deserve respect in this world and some just are too thick headed to understand others deserve their privacy and respect of their values, ideas, and most of all respect for them as a wonderful human being sharing this earth. Thank You and You have more that earned the RESPECT that You deserve to be given.

This is a lovely idea Wilde. I think this positive message will surely inspire those who see it. Kudos for thinking of such a wonderful idea. :)

We love you too.