I've said it before. But I really love this site. I love how I can come here when I need to get away from reality. Even when I'm not logged on I sometimes think about my online friends here...I wonder how they doing...what they are up to. It's funny! I don't know how some of them look or even where they live. But that doesn't matter. What matters is who they are.  I love how I can connect with people from all over...from different parts of the world...people I would probably never have the opportunity to meet or know if it wasn't for this place. I generally like to stay positive and happy and like to motivate and cheer others up by writing positive and funny stories or ask silly questions. Then there has been times when I've felt down, stressed, mad, etc about something and then I come here and write stories and chat with my buddies and then I feel better. I have friends and family outside of this place. But for me there is no place that compares to EP. I probably share more of myself here then any where else. And in a way it has helped me open up more outside of EP too. So friends...I haven't been on as much lately that's coz I've been doing a million things. But I think about my circle of friends. I'm happy that after next week I'll have more free time to catch up with everyone. Love you all
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Me too :)

I always think about the different kinds of people, such a diverse group of individuals I love this site and have poured out my deepest darkest secrets here and have got so much support and encouragement, always just at the right moment too it seems :)