For Lazyangel :p

Know the person that goes by the name lazyangel, well don't get confused, he's actually a devil in disguise :P

Surprised to see this??! :p

I hope you are :p

Just wanted to see a bright smile on ur face when u saw this. :)

You are very special to me for numerous reasons, first because your story is what made me stay here on EP and second cause you were my first friend here and third cause you and i have a lot in common (Oh yes! i have got sharper eyes than urs :P)

I have already told u what was my first impression about u but later found u to be absolutely different actually even better than what i had thought of u.

I may not know as much about u as ur other EP friends but ur DP, even though its only an Ep logo, unravels ur thoughts, ur sentiments, ur expression, ur inner beauty.....

I'm really a looser when it comes to put feelings in the form of words.

I rather show my gratitude in the form of prayers and deeds.

And for the gift that you have given me, the one who don't know about, is priceless, i won't ever be able to make up for it no matter what!

Allah called Hadrat Ibrahim His khalil, i think that is enough to define what friendship truly is!

I must admit you know how to make someone laugh :P

Though i comprise on smiling but u have given me some good laughs.:)

You have taught me things in an unknown way.

I have learnt so much from u and ur writings.

The lessons that i had forgotten for long, u made them a part of my life again.

Oh whatever would i have done if i hadn't found u!!!! :p

You have learnt to appreciate and find pleasure even in the tiniest things in life; truly amazing.

For it is an art few have practiced and none have mastered.

You are very patriotic, u love ur country, ur heritage, ur culture.

You love to stay close to nature and admire its exquisite beauty.

Of everything in nature, you love the deep black night, the blue moonlight and the sea. (the waters)

And they all define the depth that u have, ur profound thinking and ur pondering nature.

You love to be free and solitary.

You, in an unseeing way,hide everything about ur self (lil devil :p)
And let the other person speak their heart out. 
(how long did u think u could put it up with me??!! :p )

U keep most of it to ur self u express ur feelings n opinions in a disclosed manner, not fully revealing, not completely hiding!

You like to meet new people and love ur friends but trust only a few.

But i feel like you're always hiding something; the real u; the one that's inside u.
I feel like u r confused about somethings, though only more confused about ur self, u can't seem to untangle it all and so it becomes an enigma for u n u cherish it as it is.:)
(but do tell me if I'm wrong here about u! )

A sincere advice, take it from me, (it'll cost u 5$, I don't give away anything for free :P)
If u r looking for ur self, inside u, forget it!
U'll never find it because what's inside u is God n Him only, Let Him understand u, u'll understand the rest urself....

I really don't need to add it here but just as a proof, ta k tum baad mai mukar na jao :p, I may not be the best person in the world, or even ur best friend but i'll try my best to understand un help u n cheer u on all the time.
(mai tumhara peecha nahi choru gi

And as u already know, but its fun to mention it:p, u r a geek! a psycho, a weirdo, even more stupid than me :p and not to forget a complete IDIOT!! :p
But have a pure heart like habib desi ghee, itna khalis jitna pyaar :)

For me to admire someone like that, u should consider it ur lucky day :p i don't do that very often:p

Well i better go offer Salat-e-Toba now.
And oh look! the angels have run out of ink jotting down my lies :p
U really thought it was all true :p
but that's ok! "kabhi kabhi kisi ka dil rakhne k liye jhoot bolna parta hai" :p

And u better be greateful, for me to have written such amazing lies about u :p
If u r not........
Let's see, I'll kill u then!!

Love U!!! :P
Mehraab Mehraab
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012