Holy Sh!t; Or: Losing My Ep Story Virginity

So maybe it is my sleep deprivation, or maybe I have just been on EP too long, but I can tell you what it wasn’t: Drugs or alcohol. I’m clean and sober as I write this. I joined EP because I thought it would be a good distraction during the holiday break I had to spend with my family, and I’m relying on it more so now that I have disabled my Facebook account. But I had this strange thing wash over me as I contemplated whether to continue procrastinating on EP. I experienced an overwhelming and profound LOVE for everyone and everything, including each one of you reading this.

While I haven’t posted my own stories on here (before this one), I’ve had the opportunity to read your deepest uncensored feelings and experiences on here, and I am humbled by what some of you have been through and thoroughly compassionate about what still bothers you. Even though I don’t often express my “feelings” (the stuff of legends), I feel so connected to each of you because we are all suffering from the terminal disease known as “The Human Condition.”

Even though I may not agree with you on some things, I want to apologize if I have inadvertently caused you any pain, as my biting sarcasm has a tendency to do to those unfamiliar with it. And my apologies in advance, because I don’t think my smart@ss is going anywhere.

Well, time to wrap it up before I start to ramble. On the plus side, I have made significant progress on that dreaded paper that is due on Friday, and it is this to which I am returning before I call it a night. Just wanted to get all of these feelings out there before they start cannibalizing my innards. Good night, and much love to you all! <3
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13 Responses Jan 10, 2013

enjoyed reading this,,,,,must be part of my human condition,,

They'll attack at dawn

Wow so honest and so well written. Hope we get to read loads more

Haha nice post, you should get into writing, or think about starting a blog or something, you have a good writing voice, and think outside that box. I guess you could try to rock a youtube channel too if you wanted. Send us a link when you get'r done.

Hey that's real nice made me smile
While drinking my coffee
EP better than reading the news!
Have great day

So how DID your paper go anyway? Did you turn it into a paper airplane?

Classy ladies don't talk about their origami's. :P

Nor do they talk about their touche.

Cool story bro

Well you know what they say. ******** are like opinions. Everyones got one. :)

Wow, . . . that's an incredible way to break the ice. Stuff of legends, indeed. Brava.

Ahhh.....love you too!!!!

Look at YOU! Acting all normal and ****? Good yob!

*Puts hands on hips while smh with nerd glasses* Oh you...

I'm a smart@ss too, would love to be befriended by you as I really like your profile and you seem genuine

It's about time you admit your feelings for me

Sweet!! Exactly how i feel!!!:D<3