Wish Experience Project Friends Were Here

i have met and talked to some incredible ppl on this site. everyone is so supportive and caring. i wish you all lived in my city and we could be "real" friends. how great would that be.!? alot of us share similar experiences, likes, dislikes. i've "clicked" with a few wonderful ppl here, it kinda makes me sad i can't see you or talk face to face over coffee or something. lol ive never had any friends that i click with more than you guys, and you know who you are.   thanks for at least making my "internet" life enjoyable!!!
prettyinpink prettyinpink
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7 Responses Jun 12, 2007

even though I can't add you my sentiments are the same !! would be lovely to meet at least some of your friends

well maybe someotime in the future, my beloved and i could come visit you!

I agree, you are all awesome. MOTHER

I find it relaxing here .......I too wish it was really how my life was lol...but although we don't know each other in person,it is still pretty awesome to be able to talk and be yourself here,with people who don't judge you ...........

you're probably right, but did you have to burst my bubble lol?!!!

Lol I dont think everyone on here would get on so well in real life, I mean this site is anonymous so no one really knows who they're talking to. But thats the gem as it means we can all talk to people without any fake-ness and be totally frank and honest, prob why you get on with everyone. If only people were like that in real life? Makes you think.

you're precious!