Im extremely taken with my Ep name - I have no problems with my real name - but Aurora has really grown on me.  Only a very small handful of my friends know my real name - and only a shortened version of my first name at that.  But I feel so in touch with being Aurora that I hardly feel the need for 'proper' real name introductions anymore.


 Im also quite fond of my rap name - Double A.    Thanks GaNgStA ScOoBZ for bestowing that title on me :D

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Are you sure you are Bad *** enough for one? I had to earn this patch minnie! LOL

awww... I want a gangsta name. lol I like your name too :)


LOL ScOObZ you are so awesome :D<br />
Baskit, just go with Aurora - the whole thing is a bit of a mouthfull!<br />
Nuevo - You are my beautiful southern light up north! Lol.

I really like your EP name too.<br />
I hate typing your full username though! I am easily confused i guess.

Yo yO Yo WeLCoMe Fo SHiZzlE. ScOObZ fEeeeliNg da LuV! RigHt bAcK AtcHA! peAcE OUt!!!