Of Beauty

To my EP sis, I just wanted to say, that for you, this poem was made.  I love you Luna!!!!

In fields of gold, so faraway
Along the hills and vales
Where sleep comes easy
Dreams come too
Under the distant stars

You're there,
Awake in a world where dreamers choose to sleep
Your life has seen far more then most will ever

Night came to the valley
A strong and pressing rain
Eclipsed a clear blue sky
As your eyes fall downcast
A girl, made of beauty
Though numbed by cold
Somehow lost in time

Towers are
Built for battle
And your fortress is as stone

Frozen in time
Captive to thoughts and fears

Till the summer winds come
And a melting ice palace
Reveals your reflection in a shining pool

And you see that you are not alone
You are a child of the most High King
And His avenging of the innocent
Will shatter the world of darkness

Your soul, is a beacon to the world
Your thoughts, a royal palace

And your spirit,
Is dancing colors beyond this world
It lives outside of time

Along the roads of freedom
Where sunset’s chasing gleam
Catches your face
Touches your smile
You feel alive
And free

For life in God's eternal sunrise
Is beauty

And the pathways lit by Faith and Hope
In His eternal love for YOU
Will find you there

Awakening free

Alive with beauty

stormynightsky stormynightsky
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 7, 2010

OMG I'm crying! =') *Is speechless* Wow Aww *hugs you* beautiful thank you so, so much sis , I love you =) , xXx