He and I grew up together... going to the same schools with a 2 year age difference. One day when I was about 12, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes. After some months, he broke up with me. I was broken. It was only 3 months later, when we were outside together, that he asked me out again. I was so happy and accepted before he could get done. During that time, we shared a first kiss and giving up our virginity. We thought we would last forever. That was until one sad day in July. He left me. I was so hurt I cried for days. He had been so special to me. He had me addicted after a day I cried in his arms near a small creek. For days I begged him not to do this, but he had to. His mother would punish him more. In August 2012, I became a freshman, and he became a junior. I worked for his heart, and even asked him if we could get back together... but he wont respond. He gets quiet on the subject... but sometimes, when I look in his eyes, I think I see our past... how can I tell him I love him? I get so shy now... and all I want is his love again...
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My story is pretty similar. I think in these situations you just have to bite the bullet and look stupid. I looked pathetic- I wrote out everything I wanted to say to him and read it out loud to him. I did get him back and I didnt forget anything, but he could have easily have laughed in my face. It's all about risks- what are you willing to risk to know the honest truth?