Actually I Don’t...

but it’s the best I could make under EP’s character restrictions.
I prefer something like “Naked.Driver” or “Naked_Driver” but those punctuation symbols are not permitted here.
Finding a username which encompasses all of my desires (“NakedDriving-AlwaysBarefootSeldomDressedChessPlaying- KneePaddedBiHornyLinuxLovingInternetSurfingGuy” (had to break it up to make it all fit) maybe) would be far too long!
So I settle for what I have, and it’s acceptable.
Now let’s hear why you love yours!
NakedDriver NakedDriver
56-60, M
3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

<b>never been to columbia</b> but intend to get there some day as i plan to make its county the last one of the state i visit.<br />
it&rsquo;s neat that your friend has such a setup. my deck is similar as it is over the kitchen and one can be naked there whenever desired.<br />
<b>stay bare from head to toe!</b>

Hi NakedDriver,<br />
I chose my name because I'm wanting to meet folks here in Irmo SC, Columbia South Carolina Area. I chatted with some but no contact so far.<br />
I also like being naked...A friend of mine lives in a country setting and has a nice in-ground pool and he and I never were clothes at his house or's so nice to be naked.

whats in name anyway<br />
naked deriver cool<br />
being naked is nice *** is nice also<br />
an bein gin panties anohter nice thing<br />
we all can go on an on about all the kinky things that we enjoy some alot some little<br />
<br />
but being naked out in open is one of best

naked is the way to go for me.
i dislike wearing any clothing, nor do i want my partner to.