I See Me In Your Eyes...

I have an absolute love of eyes. I love the fact that they can tell a story without saying a word. Look into them and tell me what you see... my wants, desires, dreams, fears, you can see it all. They invite you in... into my world. It might be a little mixed up at times but please stay for a while and enjoy your visit.  When my oldest daughter was little and sitting on my lap she grabbed my face in her tiny hands and said "Mommy, I can see me in your eyes"... need I say more


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5 Responses Jul 2, 2007

I wanna see me in em. . . grinnin from ear to ear!

I see strong emotions - but I still don't understand what -, then I see some curiosity and a bit of sadness I hope will disappear soon.<br />
I enjoyed staring at your deep gaze! Tnx a lot!

I love what can be said w/ just your eyes... the picture for this group is an actual pic of my eyes... what am i saying??? hehe

Eyes are the windows to our soul.<br />
<br />
Outwardly I think people get the feeling I am gaurded, but my mom has always said (and other have noticed) you can read everything in my eyes. Maybe I should start wearing dark glasses. ;-)

further-more eyes can be positively mysterious...intriguing and draw you through curiosity. Tell a story or just leave you with hints to want more.