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I've always wanted big breasts since I was 14 and saw Chelsea Charms on TV. I thought she looked great. My mum thought she was weird. I've been saving up for them ever since. I already had fairly large breasts - DD cup - but I wanted bigger. A few years ago I finally got the courage to tell my parents. They supported me when I explained it was a dream of mine.

I don't think I'll ever go as big as Chelsea Charms was but I really love them :). It was seriously one of the best decisions I've ever made.
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I have plans of getting one in the future but for now, a pair of my fake silicone boobs from FakeABaby works fine for me. :)

what size are you now?

Are these the `silly string`implants that gradually increase in size as fluid is collected...I believe the model Beshine has similar.

Never seen it yet!

"over DD is too much"

Crazy talk

wow beautiful add me please love see more of your vouptuous body

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congratulations on having the determination to become who and what you want. You chose an excellent role model.

Chelsea Charms

So great when you can get what you want!

Wow, your boobs are fantastic! A great investment. What size are they officially?

it's good to be proud of your breasts!
love them, and enjoy, it's really exciting!!

wao. Hope u are happy with ur decision. And ur photo is so sweet. u look so happy and contended. Plus ur boobs are very nice. Would love to massage them with a fragrant lotion.

Based on your profile pic, you look absolutely stunning! Friend me?

I've met BB Guns, Wendy Whooper, Minka, and a few. I think you're in that class!

Please add me so I can see more of you...



Wow. You look simply amazing. So very beautiful. I bet you are so very smart too

Absolutley beautiful Do you plan on going bigger? I don't suppose you got string implants like Chelsie did where they will continue to grow?

What makes you happy and feel good about yourself is always rights. They are impressive.

they are greattttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Those are one pair of GORGEUS breasts... On an equaly GORGEUS lady!

very pretty

that's cool

Follow your heart

There very nice an big,maybe one day we can see all of them

well all love them too, and good for you going for what you love.

I mean following your dream, oh you know what I mean.

Your bust looks great ;) Please add me as a friend.

Great story! It's nice and important to have the support of those you love.

I have to agree. The power they possess.

i LOVE them too lol look great!!!

Lovely profile picture!

Follow your dreams. :) How much bigger the DD did you go?

you look way better then Chelsea Charms now ;) such big boobs as her is not hot any more ;) my personal meaning. hope you stay this way, just to let you feel good ;)