Ignorant Things My Dad Says

My Dad used to have a neighbor that was gay a few years back. The guy was an elementary school music teacher. My Dad could not believe that they let a gay man teach young children. I had to explain to him that just because he was gay, did not mean he was a *********. Sheesh.
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3 Responses Aug 26, 2012

Jerry Sandusky was straight. So what does that tell you?

He used to be gay? You mean he's not gay anymore? Neat trick!

I remember growing up my family was obsessed with coons this an coons that.. them ******* coons! I though there was some kind of raccoon epidemic. It was much later I reized what they were actually talking about. All I can say to this is what prejudices does our generation hold on to that we are blind to? Every generation thinks that are perfectly rational about their stereotypical beliefs of others that are different than them. Is is the mentally ill, the homeless, the poor, the rich, those who do drugs, drink, or even smoke, eat meat, are illegal to this country, live in the projects, what prejudices do we hide deep in our hearts that later generations will be ashamed of us for?

Probably all of the above =/ and don't forget the Muslims.