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   Wow, reading some of the comments about loving friends and family I just realized that really I have allot of acquaintances, but no really best friend, hum, I have always been so busy with my family and work that I never really had best friends. Maybe in elementary school, but not even in high school, I got along with everyone hatted the idea of the in crowd or such.  I just like people, don't really want to be obligated to remember birthdays,anniversary's etc.I have 6 kids all grown with family's but it's enough to keep you busy alone. I guess I've missed something, always had family member to go goofing off with. My husband and I did almost everything together, he was I guess my best friend.You know I never went all out when company came over my motto was to treat company as family , after all they are the most important people in my life. Maybe I'm strange, but I wouldn't do anything different.
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That's not strange.. Family is the most important thing n if that makes you happy then who cares about a best friend.. This may sound sad but my mom is my best friend n I wouldn't change a thing

I can certainly understand not having the time to develop strong relationships with friends when you were using all your energy to raise six children and be a good wife and mother.<br />
I am sure youhave been a friend to many, though, and just opening up your home to others is a gift. So many people won't do that and it keeps others isolated. <br />
There are countless lonely people in the world who do not have the benefit of supportive family members, and they are reluctant to trust others for friendship. Since there are people staying single longer, couples choosing to have smaller families, and a higher divorce rate, this problem is becoming greater. That's why half the population is taking anti-depressants. <br />
There are scientists that predict that the epidemic of this next generation will not be obesity or a virus like H1N1, but an epidemic of mental illness. Once the family structure is attacked, society as a whole suffers, and the individual becomes adrift and at a loss for consolation.

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Great thoughts, Grams. Girlfriends and sisters are so important. I'm fortunate to have a great sister who has been such a help to me. I understand what you mean. A Golden Girls type house is a great fantasy. My best friends are scattered all over the USA now and seeing them often is not an option anymore. Mox

nanseltar, thank you for your comment. You know being here on EP and meeting so many great people I do feel like I have missed out on one on one good friends. I feel so close to many of my EP friends and being able to share our life's experiences with each other it makes me realize how much I have missed. Well maybe better late than never...

Doesn't sound strange at all. It sounds very down-to-earth and honest. Still, I am sorry you have missed the experience of close, long-term girlfriends. Even though at times we have lived in different places, different countries, we have kept in touch and still see each other. We love each other like sisters, and I can't imagine life without them. I think we made of ourselves our own little family of sisters.