I Live For My Little Family <3

I am 28 years old, married to a wonderful man who is an amazing husband, friend, lover and father. We have 3 beautiful Daughters, twins age 4 and a 19 month old. We are a young family, but a happy family... We have our moments, like all children mine can drive me up the wall!! But I know I can say with all my heart I will love my family unconditionally for the rest of my life. There will be nothing my children can do that will ever lessen my love for them, it grows in strength and conviction with every passing day, breath and beating of my heart.

I am also a Sister to two younger Brothers 27 & 17 and a younger Sister 16. My Brother 27 and I grew up together and fought like cats and dogs but if anyone else were to hurt or upset either of us, we would defend and honor one another without fail. As we have grown we are now wonderful friends who have a healthy love, respectand understanding of each other. My youngest siblings were from the 2nd relationship of my Father, and whilst they are considered "half siblings" will never be anything less than siblings of my heart and soul. I know that I will also love all 3 of them without fail, no matter what this life shall bring.
My Mother is my mentor and best friend, I will forever be grateful for her loving and supportive presents in my lfe, nothing will ever break the bond of love anf friendship between us. Our family has seen many tough times and we have always managed to pull together and come out stronger as a family.

I LOVE MY FAMILY UNCONDITIONALLY.... and I always will xox
Trik82 Trik82
Jul 28, 2010