Doesn't Get Any Better Then Mine

When I was younger, I resented being part of such a big family.  My friends were always getting new bikes for Christmas, going on vacations to Disney World, and had the newest and latest toys.  On the other hand, money was tight because it had to be stretched among so many people.  It wasn't until I was older that I was able to realize all of the things that I did have that my friends didn't.  I always had enough people to have a great wiffle ball game to play.  I always had someone to take me to the park.  I always had someone to listen to me.  Now that I am older, most of my brothers and sisters have kids now.  In many ways I am like a second mom to most of my neices and nephews which is such an awesome feeling. 

The reason why my family is so extraordinary is because of the two people who started it.  My parents sacrificed so much for us kids.  My dad worked long hours to send all of his kids to private school.  In the meantime, my mom stayed home to take care of all of us kids.  Dad sacrificed buying newer cars and taking vacations so that we could all have a roof over our head and food to eat.  Mom always "made do" without so that we could get a good education. 

As an adult, I look back on my parents lives and realize how great they are.  Although they never asked for a thing in return, it's so important to me that I am a daughter that they can look to and say to themselves "Our sacrifices were well worth it." 

reachin4goals reachin4goals
31-35, F
Aug 8, 2007