Caleb tickled!
This is a true story it happend 8-8-14.
I was at my aunt pegs and uncle dons house the whole day with Caleb . He's my 7 yr old cousin this was the day before his birthday. He was acting like a wild man most of the afternoon.His uncle mike and aunt Courtney and baby cousin Addie got to the house about 5;00 ish. He was so excited! They live 3 hrs away from him. Mike decided to give him his birthday spankings a day early. Then he said since Michael and Stephen ( mike abd courts kids theyd stayed wigh their other grandms) aren't here yet we can play more .
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Caleb said ok. I think I'm gonna tickle u! Caleb had no time to get away. Mike grabbed him up ! He carried him into the house up side down. Tickled him like crazy for 5 minutes! Caleb loves his aunt and uncle so much and misses them when there're not there. He was having the best time spending time with mike and Courtney.