I Love My Family

i havent seen my family for 4 years, my 4 brothers arent aloud to talk to me, my stepdad is the reason, my mum hates me. we were a close family before my stepdad came along, we were strong and together, then he came, slowly everything changed my brothers would hit me and say abusive things to me and my mum was too busy to notice, then he started sexually abusing and raping me my mum again did not notice, when it came out i was releaved then afffraid, my mum told me i was a liar and a twisted nast girl, i moveed out and havent seen them since apart from my mum who crosses the road if she sees me, but even this doesnt stop me loving them, i have pictures everywhere of them, my brother got married and has i think 2 kids and my other brother is engaged with 1 kid, im not sure what they are or their names but i am still trying to keep updated so that when the day comes (which it will) when they want to know me i will know what to expect.
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

You can pray that one day things will change but I am so very sorry to say that it's most likely that it won't in the near future. When your brothers mature they will see what they have done and want forgivness. Keep an open heart but have a weary mind to their actions.<br />
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As for your mother, there is no excuse to what she turned her head to. And your stepfather is a sick, disgusting man for doing that to you. I understand the pain of your mother and stepfather all to well, but when your mother is lying on her death bed all alone in the future don't be like her and try to ignore the event, you will regret it for the rest of your life.