Best Part of My Life

I was unusually reluctant about marriage and children, especially for someone from my subculture.

But oh, how rich they have made me.

My eldest has a sharp wit that never cuts anyone.  He thinks deep and understands so much.  He's become so confident in the past few months; he is so close to being a man it takes my breath.

My second is fascinated by the world, loves learning.  He and I always check the trivia question at the mall, even though we have no need for a 25-cent discount on a cup of designer coffee.  He's inordinately interested in almost everything...just like me.

My third is fearless, guilleless, and his own person.  He's a loose cannon with a riotous laugh, and a danger to himself; we call him Kamikaze Boy and thank his guardian angels every day.  He will not kiss me, but he needs me.

And my little like me, her grandmother says, it's deja vu just to watch her.  She is so full of life and joy and energy and unexpected wisdom.  A chatterbox, fascinated by knitting and crochet and art and bugs and writing and numbers.

Their husband.  Over 20 years now, and he comes home every day and kisses me hello; he tells me he loves me and shows me he means it in small ways and large, every single day.

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1 Response Jan 7, 2008

this is so beautiful, you are so blessed and rich in love! brought me to tears because this touched me so much!! you have so much love for your family, i want this so badly when i am older!