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I just finished my first semester in Medecine school my dad is a chief surgeon of trauma care in the french forces my mom is an epidemiologist who works in a diagnosis dept in an hospital(she works kinda like House exept the diagnosis process takes weeks) my older sister(21yo) is in her 3rd year in Medecine and like me she wants to be a surgeon younger sister (17 yo) is in her last Lyceum year and she wants to go to medecine school too and she will since she has a better grade average than me ive got two borthers one 13 yo and one 24 years old who is in the french Brigade Des Forces Spéciales de Terre in the 1st RPIMa the régiment parachutiste d'infanterie de marine he is a second lieutenant my bf is actually my older brother life long best friend and he too serves with him in the 1st RPIMa
so that's about it my family comes from a rich background of soldiers and doctors .
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Je crois que la médecine se partage dans ta famille.

aha i just graduated from Med skool :) ..and i dnt think being a surgeon is a good option

your boyfriend is your brother? did i read that correctly?

wooooooooow no its my bros best friend since hes a kid and he is in the military 2 in the same unit and platoon

ohhh your brother's life long best, lack of punctuation confused me

You have an awesome family :-) But let us all hope your brothers in the military will stay out of trouble and never 'need' your medical skills 'cause they got wounded badly.

well my bro and my bf are serving in a spec ops unit wich is kinda dangerous

to be honest the docs never really leave the trauma unit its no longer their job to medevac the troops if you dont understand my vocabulary dont wirry i was raised in this theme so i know more about war than most of you guys

sum of as know more about war then we say ok and doc down here covers all from gp to surgeon to

so you are going to be come doc that can kick *** as well