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the day I was brought into this world, I was immediately put up for adoption. I was adopted into a well to do family,
and I was brought up in a certain way. my father owned his own business,my mother was his secretary for a few
growing up, my father was hardly around. always meetings, card games, and golf in pro-am tournements in vegas.
we did have regular family events, like holidays and birthdays and such. however, when those moments were over
and done, my dad would leave again. it finally had gotten to the point, at the age of 5, I would ask my dad if he was
leaving again. probably because I was tired of hearing my parents fight. that really sucked, especially since my room
was next to theirs.
as I was getting into my teenage years, I became more defiant towards my dad. my parents divorced by the time I was
11 yrs old, my dad had gotten another woman pregnant, and threatened my dad that if he didn't divorce my mom, she
would get an abortion !! I didn't find out that I had a younger sister until I was 13. we went to an ice cream social, and
I noticed this girl looked exactly like my older sister. didn't really give it much thought until she said "daddy." hmmmm
well, I just kinda lost it somewhat. i told my dad to take me back home, and then told my mom what had happened.
she wasn't too happy about that !!
then I turned 18. I will never forget that birthday !! my dad comes over to give me my birthday card. usually $50 and
he would leave. well, I had an all out argument with him, and pretty much told him off. I told him the truth to his
face, that he was never around to see me grow up, and that I didn't have to do anything he said !! next thing I know,
I'm laying across the hood of his car, looking at his fist ready to hit me. he couldn't do it, knowing what I said was true.
I never really got along with him for many years. I grew up with the man in the moon.
for years after that, we barley talked, or had any real conversation about anything.
then, sept 11, 2001 happend !!! my oldest brother worked in D.C. not far from the pentagon. when the plane hit there,
I called my dad right away to find out if my brother was ok. my dad didn't even know what had happened 2 hours before.
I told him about New York, and D.C., it wasn't until later that night when he called me and told me my brother was ok.
he was actually surprised that I would think of my brother that way, and he appreciated it very much.
I knew at that moment, there was an opportunity to mend the relationship with my dad. I took that opportunity,
and for the few years that he was still alive, we had the best relationship I could have hoped to have. I had been
given something back that meant a lot to me. getting to know my family again.
today, I have a great relationship with my sister, and have a great nephew, and a beautiful niece. both are young adults
now, and off in college. I'm grateful for what happened on 9/11 even though it was the darkest day for our country, yet,
it was the brightest moment for me.
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Thank you for sharing that. It's always hard to share the growing up problems for those of us who grew up with dysfunction. I will have to get my story out there. It really does help in getting to know someone. I am so glad you had that time with your dad. It's hard if they pass and the relationship hasn't been cleared up.

thank you ! when you get that second chance and realize it, you have no other choice but to take it, and run with it. you never know when that opportunity will ever come around again.

I admire you for looking back and making peace with your dad.. Ur one of a kind man!👍

thank you !!

You're a good man (:

thank you ! :)

You're welcome.. This makes me believe that all men aren't really the same

thanks !
I respect the opposite sex too much to be like most guys are

You're a nice man. I respect you!

thank you !!

Glad you got to know him after such a horrible tragedy. Sometimes it takes an event to help put it in perspective

It's great that you were able to have a few good years with your father, and grow close to your siblings. Something good came out of the tragedy of 9/11!

I've never quite been able to find the words to express what I felt as I stood watching in horror as those planes crashed through the towers. I never thought it possible that something good could come from such a tragedy. That is until I read this story. You seem a very passionate man as I nearly felt your fear, worry and concern for your brother. I too am adopted (unfortunately no happy story here). I admire your perserverence, your strength and most of all the respect, love and grattitude you have for your family! Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story! All the best alwayz xo

thank you. :)
you never know what events are going to happen that can be the best thing to happen out of tragedy.

wow nice to read the happy ending after all this pain , wishing you the happy with your family

Good ending to a lot of pain. Would think you're a really fine man admitting your father back into your life, as I didn't find that much in the way of remorse on your father's side the story.<br />
Hope the good memories outshine the sad ones.

This is a really great story. I'm glad you got to have those moments with your father.

my wife or really my wifes family there brought me up from 12 years old part dies on 1/14/1967 then nana and pap dies a few years later i did get to say good bye to them but not my wife or her mothers as i was in a com,a due to friendly fire viet nam