My Son Makes The Choice To Return To Diapers

This experience I am about to tell you about leads all the way back to when I was a teenager. I had something called infantaliasm, and a bit of it still lingers inside of me. I told my mother when I was 14 that I had this diaper fetish, she actually dealt with it better than I had thought. She offered to go out and purchase diapers for me, out of fear, I said no. This fetish eventually weakened to the point where I didn't notice it anymore. I grew up in a perfect life, roof over my head, food on the table, and clothes on my body. I did eventually get married, but terrifyingly, not for long, me and my spouse had one son at the age of 7. My wife soon died in a car accident with a DUI. This made me swear off alchohol, forever. My son told my wife everything, similar to what I did to my mother, she stayed calm with whatever I said to her, building my trust to tell her anything. The same thing happened between my son and wife. He tells me things to, but not as personal. When she was gone though, he started to tell me things, and I soon found out how courageous my son was at age 8. He told me he wanted to wear diapers again. I was shocked and I froze. He explained as much as he could with his limited vocabulary and I put it together and he has a diaper fetish similar to what I had. This was the most personal thing my son has ever told me. Without hesitation, I told him I had the same feeling when I was a bit older than him, only a few years. Similar to what my mother did, I asked him simply "Do you want to go out and buy some diapers?" He said yes. He truely wanted this, to wear diapers again. From this point, I then realized my son would grow up to be a Diaper Lover, like me before. I no longer was one, but I never thought I'd meet another like me, let alone it being my own son. Talk about low probability. From what I remember, I only got him regular training pants to start off with. When we got home, he gave me a big hug as I gave him a hug back. We went up to his room and I slipped him into one of his pants. Another hug was given, then he ran down to the living room in his diaper, pants-less, and started playing on his gamecube, the cutest thing ever. Seeing how happy he was made me feel like I made the right decision, seeing him this happy again after his mother's death was unforgettable. He still went to the bathroom normally, he just loved wearing diapers, as he only weared diapers at home, not school, or when guests were over. This became a normal thing at age 10. That year, I stopped changing his diaper and he started doing it himself, I was proud to see this did not become a huge obsession, I was scared it would've become one with me had I chosen to wear diapers. My son was able to control his diaper wearing, at such a young age, he was a genius, and had great self-control. He was already in the enrichment program at our school in just 4th grade. By now, he wasn't wearing pull-ups anymore, they no longer fit, he still preferred pull-up style diapers so we bought him those bedtime underwear, Underjammers or something along those lines. He still loved wearing them. This becoming a normal thing, I mostly forgot about it sometimes, although when he happened to bend over, it would show the green waistband of his diaper. Still 10 years old, he had his first sleepover with his best friend that he knew since he was two years old! During this sleepover, I was ordering pizza for my son and his friend for dinner, but when I hung up, I heard a surprising conversation from the living room, I could not help but to eavesdrop. They were playing with my son's new Wii, at one point or another I suppose, I was listening to this conversation blindly, his friend saw his diaper's waistband. I hit myself in forgetting to tell him to remove his diaper before his friend came over. His friend asked what kind of underwear that was. I could tell by my son's tone that he was very nervous. My son did eventually burst out with the straight truth and told him it was a diaper. The friend did not respond. He eventually asked why he was wearing a diaper, was it because of bedwetting? Or was he never pottytrained? Awkwardness filled the living room as I froze in the kitchen out of sight. My son admitted, it was because he thought diapers were awesome to wear. His friend actually accepted this... This is what he said "If you're wearing a diaper, I'll wear one too if it makes you feel better." His friend did end up wearing a diaper for the rest of the sleepover, and thank goodness, I reminded him to take it off before his parents came. Whew. This was just another strong bond between Paul, my son, and his friend, Zach, that would last them forever. Trust. Now, my father did something called Meditation where he just sat down and thought, just thought things over. He was one of the most wisest people I have ever met. I must've picked it up from him, making connections and being investigative to problems, I did my father's 'Meditation', Paul picked this of from me later on. He did not did the meditation thing, he was just extremely investigative and was able to make connections between conflicts and solutions. So, still 10 years old, he asked me "Daddy, why don't you wear diapers if you like them too?" He actually made me wonder, but it was because I was scared of it taking my life in another direction. Truth be told, my son was an inspiration to me when he had the courage to tell me he wanted to wear diapers again. I told him that he changed this about me, if an 8 year old can have that much courage to tell someone, not just someone, two people, that kind of personal information and embrace, I'd might as well give it the chance again. Still being the cute son he was, he told me to try on his. I told him it wouldn't fit so thus he suggested we go out and buy my own. I said it wasn't nessescary, I don't need to be buying diapers for myself. He was persistant, and little puppy eyes made me give in. Of course I was more nervous going to buy diapers for me, more than I was for him. Trust me, it's easier to buy diapers for your eight year old son than for your 28 year old self. When I got home, I put one on only for my son's appeal. It was late at night, so I ended up wearing it though the night. I didn't think to put a new one on when I came back home after work the next day. As I said, my fetish wore off. He's 14 now, now in disposable diapers now, pull-up style underpeants no longer fit, expensive, but I'm able to afford them, whatever makes my son happiest, I'll buy for him. Since he lost his mother, I'm all he has left, and I have to make it count. He still wears regular underwear and uses the bathroom, not his pants. Just likes wearing his diapers. I'm proud of my son, still in enrichment, 8th grade, and he's quite the popular kid from what he tells me, along with his friends that I see form time to time. But whenever he's home alone, he straps on a diaper and lives out the rest of the day 'til tomorrow. We have yet to see how High School turns out for him next year. I don't wear diapers anymore, but I'm likely still a diaper lover at heart, I just ignore it. My son is still very well disciplined, I have taken every precaution to make sure he grows up in a normal lifestyle. I am, truely, one of those more lenient parents out there. I only let him wear diapers because I knew what he going through in his life. I spent most of my teenage life harboring my longing for diapers. I did not want him to be stuck with the fetish eating him alive had I said 'No' that one day. Am I trying to live out my fantasy through my son? I doubt it. If such a thing were true, I would definitely be more involved with it than I am now. Throughout his twelve years of diapers, the most I've done is purchasing the diapers, only changing him at 8 and 9 and his baby years. His  diaper wearing has rarely gotten in the way of anything, like the sleepover I just told you about with his friend Zach. In this case, it just made their relationship stronger. For a diaper lover like him, diapers are a need, not a want. Trust me on this, When I was about 19, I did research on this subject about diaper feitshism, is that's a word. This fetish usually appears in young boys and rarely girls when the child encounters the situation where he/she may not have had his parents around very often. Thus, the person will want to wear diapers to try and revert to childhood again. This would explain how my son got it, losing a mother. My parents weren't around much either when I was young. Both of my parents worked late and I was at a daycare most of the day. He has is stronger than I did, obviously. Will he wear diapers for the rest of his adolescent years up until his middle aged years? Maybe, maybe not. Will he tell his future spouse know of his diaper wearing? Only time will tell, since that one day when he was 8 and the truth came out, his trust towards me only became stronger, he's very open with his feelings to people he trusts whether it be me or his friend Zach. Now, I thank you all for reading about this experience about me and my son, Paul. This is indeed a true story. Trust me, I would NEVER joke about my wife dying in a car crash, it's proof enough. Thank you for your time. My familty certainly is unique from others, but thnakfully, we make it work.
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Hi I wrote this post for parents and their sons to understand why they like diapers.
Hope it helps.

For any parent who gets mad at your child because they are a DL/TB STOP!!!
DL /TB is the acronym for Diaper Lover/ Teen Baby.

I do not understand why some parents flip out over this.

When I was first put back in diapers it destroyed me it took the wind out of my sails. It hurt me terribly I went through terrible treatment in school and it put terrible fears in my mind. I have a medical problem and because I need diapers I developed the fear that I would become a DL/TB too. I found that just because you need diapers you do not become a DL/TB. But that being said I want to stress that it’s important to understand a DL/TB.

I read at that time anything I could about diapers and people who wear them. So what I’m writing about here is in their defense. So as a parent I’m asking any and all of you to “STOP BEING MAD” if you have a child who loves diapers, and especially if you are a mother of one.

Now do not get mad here because of what I am going to say.

“Because in reality you as the mother are the cause of their feelings”.

I remember reading years ago that DL/TB is a fetish. Keep an open mind here it is. But it is developed when the child is young. I remembered them being as young as five. After talking with another parent I went back and read over again the information and found it is earlier than that. Much earlier in fact it is in infancy. I know there are a lot of DL/ABs who have been searching for this answer for a long time too.

First DL is a sexual fetish a TB is a Paraphilia. STOP! Do not be frightened by these two words they are both harmless. Paraphilia is just a derivative of the fetish. In other words a TB is a DL first. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the more you know about why your child is a DL/TB the better parent you will be. Most importantly you need to keep in mind this is not your child's choice. Yes you have questions, do you really think your child does not. He is the one who has to live with it and understand this is a lifelong thing and the more you know the more you can both help each other.

Click on this url and read it. This url has been changed and is not the original information I wrote this post from. I do still have the information and can send it to you in its intirity if you would like it, But I will try to add the specific information I use here too.

Read carefully: Psychological Origins and Development and especially about the Transitional Object and Behaviorism. Keep in mind when they are referring to the term sexual here they are talking about mind development not an act. And, understand that the “Transitional object’ is the diaper and that the ‘Behaviorism’ is the changing of that diaper.

Early psychology assumed that fetishism either is being conditioned or imprinted or the result of a strong emotional (possibly traumatic) or physical experience. Often, these experiences occurred in early childhood. For example, an individual who has been physically abused could either have a sexual obsession with intercourse, or they could be completely terrified by even the idea of being touched. Physical factors like genetic disposition are another common possible explanation. In the following, the most important theories are presented in chronological order:

Alfred Binet suspected fetishism was the pathological result of associations. Accidentally simultaneous presentation of a sexual stimulus and an inanimate object, he argued, led to the object being permanently connected to sexual arousal.

In 1951, Donald Winnicott presented his theory of transitional objects and phenomena, according to which childish actions like thumb sucking and objects like cuddly toys are the source of manifold adult behavior, amongst many others fetishism.[8]

The use of a transitional object in infancy is a healthy experience (Winnicott, 1953). To understand the origin of a fetish object and of fetishism, the infant’s use of the transitional object and of transitional phenomena in general must be studied (Winnicott, 1953).

In his article ‘Transitional objects and phenomena’, Winnicott says about fetish: “Fetish can be described in terms of a persistence of a specific object or type of object dating from infantile experience in the transitional field, linked with the delusion of a maternal phallus” (Winnicott, 1953). In other words, a specific object or type of object, dating from an experience during the period where the mother gradually pulls back as an immediate provider of satisfaction of the child’s desires, persists as a characteristic in adult sexual life.

Before this transitional phase, the child believes that his own wish creates the object of his desire (specifically the qualities of his mother that fulfill his needs), which brings with it a sense of satisfaction. During this phase the child gradually adapts to the (frustrating) realization that the object cannot be controlled to serve the child's needs.

The transitional object is always the result of a gratifying relationship with the mother, specifically with the maternal body. It stands for the satisfying qualities that the object (the mother/ father) of the first relationship the child has. The child adapts to the impact of the realization that the mother is not always there to ‘bring the world to him’ through fantasizing about the object of his desire while using an object (a teddy bear, a piece of cloth). He creates an illusion of the previous object. In relation to the transitional object the infant passes from (magical) omnipotent control to control by manipulation (involving muscle eroticism and co-ordination pleasure).

In opposition to this, the fetish represents the impossibility of pleasure with the body of the mother or the paternal body in the case of females. Fetishism, although less abundant in occurrence in the female psyche, or of a different nature, is not the monopoly of men. The transitional object may eventually develop into a fetish object and so persist as a characteristic of the adult sexual life (Winnicott, 1953). Normally, the child gains from the experience of frustration during the transitional phase, although the infant can be disturbed by a close adaptation to need that is continued too long or is not allowed its natural decrease.


What I’m reading here is that as the mother begins to pull away from total care of the child then the child begins to look at the repeated contact with the (piece of cloth aka the diaper) as the continuation of that bond. And that the repeated changing of the diaper only strengthens that bond. Keep in mind that once this occurs it never goes away. It also seems there is a window of opportunity where this takes place. Which would explain why there are not a lot of kids who are DLs.
What I am also seeing here is that the bond between that mother and that child is so inseparable that any mother who has a child who is a DL has to be crazy to think there is something wrong with their child.

This is just the way I read it.
There is a lot of information online that can help with any fears that you have that your child has a problem they do not.

What I'm saying is there are many parents who get mad when they find out their child likes diapers especially boys. I am trying to explain the reason why that liking comes about. I have worn for many years I do not mind them now but I am not a DL.

In the defense of the child who is and it is not every boy but for those boys who are DLs any parent who gets mad at that child is wrong.

If you read the information I posted it seems very self explanatory if you read it several times.
Or I think it is. At least this is how I read it.

"First it happens in infancy that the baby develops the fetish".
Keep in mind this is not a bad thing many people have a fetish and they are very normal people.

Secondly it happens when the mother begins to break away from caring for the baby's every need and allows the baby to begin to explore on its own in other words allowing the baby to crawl and explore its surroundings. This happens when the baby is only months old.
This is actually a very important part of a baby's development. But there are some babies who want to cling to the mother's bond longer and tend to do so for a period of time until they do eventually begin the exploratory process. These babies therefore develop the fetish or the transitional object as it is called. That being the "teddy bear" or the "piece of cloth aka the diaper" as a continuation of the motherly bond. Not all babies cling to this bond so strongly it is only those that do who develop in this case the diaper fetish or become the DL. This explains why not all boys are DLs.

The fact is these babies are just as normal as any other baby they just are trying to cling to the motherly bond a little longer. That being said that is why any mother who has a boy who is a DL really has nothing to fear he just wanted to keep close to his mother a little longer when he was a baby.

Thirdly when the baby had contact with the mother when this transition took place any time his diaper was changed it only strengthened the fetish that much more. In other words he identified the diaper and the diaper changing as a way of continuing the bond with the mother. The fact that people look at the changing of the baby as a time of bonding is actually stronger than some might think.

I am in no way trying to find fault with nor promoting the fact that some boys are DLs and yes it can possibly lie dormant for years. Or in many cases a child can keep it a secret for many years. Fighting with confusion strife and thinking there is something really wrong with them. When in reality they are just as normal as any other child. Where, one child chooses a teddy bear another a blankie and the other a (piece of cloth aka a diaper.)
What I'm saying here is that parents who are not aware of this fact need to learn to understand why it happens and accept it, “Because it will never go away”. They need to understand it is developed through a sense of love and a sense of need a sense of security in infancy.

To go just a slight bit further if the parent does find this out that their child is a DL there are pros and cons on how to deal with it. The fact is a diaper is just a different kind of underwear. I am one who sees no harm in allowing the child to wear diapers in moderation. From what I've read about trying to stop it can lead to much worse problems. A good parent will weigh the situation and make the right choice.

When thinking about this just a slight bit further some babies cling to a blanket a teddy bear or some other transitional object as a form of security when the mother is not around or in sight, as a way of maintaining that bond. What better object would there be in reality than the diaper what other item would the mother have more contact with than a diaper. If you ask me that’s a pretty smart little baby. Consider this too how many little kids do you see carrying a blanket or teddy bear around long after they are out of diapers. There are even many girls especially, who have stuffed animals well into their teens and even into adulthood. But no one thinks anything about that. Interesting isn’t it?
So I've told you why parents should have no basis to be so mean to their child for liking diapers.

As I stated earlier it is a normal thing that does occur in some baby’s development.
It has NOTHING to do with sex. There is no way possible for a baby less than a year old to know anything pertaining to a sexual act. It is only healthy mind development involving the baby’s environment. The baby and or child at a later age is still perfectly normal. Yes perfectly normal!!!

There is no substantiated proof that a DL/TB nor DL/AB cannot live a perfectly normal life, raise children and live happily ever after.

Yes it might be very true that parents worry that they did something wrong with their child and for that reason doing research about why their child likes diapers is important. As I stated in my original post they develop at a very young age the attachment to diapers. It is neither their fault nor, the parents. But it is important for the parent and the child to understand why this came about and how to deal with it.

BUT, thinking that the, falsehoods and untruths spread about by uninformed ignorant people is true, it is very dangerous. Many children have been hurt by the ignorance of uninformed parents.

Yes when children enter puberty they are going to explore many routes. This is certainly a normal part of life in the child’s development of becoming an adult. If a child explores through contact with a diaper it is no more harmful than a pair of underwear in fact it is underwear.

DL/TBs and DL/ABs I stress are NOT pedophiles!!! They are NOT sexual deviates. They are just as normal as anyone else they just like diapers, which is certainly no one else’s business other than the child and his or her parents.

Here are a few more sites that can help inform parents in need.

There are many good sites with good information.
There are many bad sites with bad information. BEWARE!

Remember to keep an open mind and beware there are people who would be totally negative about this subject. They are both ignorant and very detrimental towards the well being of both the child and the parents.

For myself I am not a DL I have to wear for need only. . But through my own experience I do know there is a very negative outlook upon anyone who wears diapers for any reason. That comes from many uninformed ignorant people.

What I am saying here is there are parents who do have children who are DL/TBs through no fault of their own. They did not pick this fate nor did anyone else for them. It is simply something that happened. They are still just as normal as the day is long. They just have a secret.

For that reason that is why I am defending them, because there are parents who do perpetrate maltreatment upon them. For example one of our members here even though he made a choice, for his parent to force him to go to school in a diaper is wrong. Even if it is a pull up it is still a diaper. This is deliberately trying to hurt and humiliate the child for something he truly had nothing to do with. If other kids find out he is wearing that can and will be very hurtful to him.

From the first few minutes of life a baby is put in a diaper and for a number of years thereafter by an adult. Again through no fault of anyone else this desire came about. However for any parent to think this is some crazy thing the child came up with they need to guess again.

I am not promoting nor discouraging the fact that a child is a DL/TB. What I am trying to do is encouraging parents to develop a positive outlook with their child. Do not look down upon them for being a DL/TB. Do not hurt and humiliate them for being a DL/TB. They did not choose this fate but they are the one who has to live with it, for the rest of their life. A good parent will again learn and help their child deal with this in a loving and positive way.

What I'm trying to explain here it is an obsession and they have no control over their situation. It is embedded into their mind so deeply it cannot be changed. Therefore the parent needs to understand that. Yes the child has to deal with it, it is his problem not the parents but the parent can help the child by supporting them and not finding fault with them. They did not ask to be DL/TBs it is just something that happened.

You are right it can and will become a very big part of the child's life but there again if the parent supports the child and helps guide them on how to be discrete and not let it get out of control they can live perfectly normal lives. Have families and live happily ever after.
By not letting it get out of control does not mean keep them from diapers that does not work and can be very dangerous and detrimental. Causing the child to get them one way or another and not so much in a good way either.

The important thing here is that the parent needs to make sure that the child understands there is nothing wrong with them and the parent needs to understand that too. A diaper is harmless to anyone. There are many more worse things a child can do than wear a diaper.

Again re read what I posted above and keep an open mind.

Keep in mind my post is explaining why a boy becomes a Diaper Lover. It is not something he has any choice in. It is just something that happens to him in infancy but it is something he will have to live with throughout his whole life.

It is very sad how ignorant uninformed parents and adults treat a Diaper Lover child in an abusive manor when the child ended up this way through no fault of his own.

I hope this help someone.

Hey lewbers you know how you told your son that he had the option to wear diapers well when my mom found out that I had diapers when I was 8 she got soooooo mad and I was like wtf I am not 16 and she still doesn't let me wear them but that's what makes me happy and she thinks that I am not a real human being could you help me out sincerely Shane


Should i tell my mom i want to wear diapers? I'm 19 now, but been secretly wearing since 12.


I'm 15 years old, and a couple of months ago, I figured out I like diapers alot. However, I'm scared that if I tell my parents, they'll think I'm crazy. What do you think I should do?

I'm sorry if I made any grammar/spelling mistakes, English isn't my native language.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Awesome story

Wow!...I was forced to wear diapers when i was a 4 year old because of accidents i happened 2-3 times...But yes every time I loved being diapered...i still diaper to this day...but while reading this story I really wish that you as the teller were able to write and punctuate in English...damn...I am so upset because I relate to this story but it was told in crap grammar and the English language......come on people...please learn how to speak and have let me down...:(

Please reply with authenticity, PEACE MY SON, and respect

I wish my parents were that understanding.

That's an awesome story

Trust me I know what he's been through.
I lost my dad when I was just 3,
and made it into my school's enrichment program in 4th grade (Odd coincidence right?).
So it just so happens that all of this leads me to the same thing he is going through.
Although I have not asked my mom for diapers, pull-ups, or and kind of thing like that, I just can't get rid of the feeling.
Also whats ironic is that all of that stress lead me to be a bed wetter too, but that's a thing of the past.
I wish you and your son the best of luck and I hope this helped.

My 6 year old daughter wears diapers by her own choice and she loves diapers and using them. I think it's totally okay to allow a child no matter the age to wear diapers if they want to or need to and they could change there own diapers. Why force your child out of diapers if they really want to. A diaper would not harm a child plus diapers have benefits such as not needing to rush your child to a bathroom on a road trip or out in public or have your child struggle to hold it if they can just use diaper and change shorty afterwards.

If diapers provide real comfort and happiness for child then why not just let them use or wear the diaper. Plus diaper do have many added benefits for a child who can't go to the bathroom immediately and struggle to hold it and have a possible accident.

Don't complain when she get teased by her peers and she will. perhaps it has more to do with the parent being to lazy to potty train the child

My daughter is homeschooled so she can wear her diapers and she doesn't care if her diaper shows in public or if there is bulge in her pants that gets more knowticable after she wets her diaper. She thinks that a diaper should be okay no matter the age or where she is at.

Diapers are mostly like underwear with more comfort and benefits and it should be someone's right to choose to wear diapers like people choose to wear certain types of underwear.

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I have been in diapers since I was 13, then because I had to. Now I am 17 and still wear them every night. However now I like wearing them. During the day I wear panties with Stayfree maxi pads. Yesterday was an exeption. I had a little accident during the night so I decided I should probably wear a diaper to school. I was all out of pull ons so I had to wear a regular diaper. My step-mom came in and helped me put it on because of the side attachments. Since I had a couple accidents during the week all three pairs of my plastic panties were in the laundry so my mom had my step sister get me a pair of her snap-ons. We're lucky because she has a wetting problem as well though not as bad as mine and we are the same size. My mom helped me snap on the panties and I was all set. On the way home I had another little accident so its lucky I was smart enough to wear a diaper to school. I also learned to keep a better supply of diapers and get more plastic panties.

If it makes you fell better about your wife dieing there was a saying (cant remember where itncame from) that there was a group of teens/kids that they remember things from a past life. Also there's a good youtuber that makes.interesting videos (that's probley (sorry spelling) where I heard that) The name is Vsuauce

I made a few errors due to my kindles keyboard being messed up

I read this and created an account just to comment here. I am very sorry for your loss. That must have been quite the experience, finding out your son was into it just like you were! You have my respect, for doing what you did!! It's been a while since the op; so how is he doing?

I have been here before for something else but I created one today. Its only 10 days left till christmas

Diapers are just a different kind of of underwear and the thing is you go toilet in them

Correct the only reason others with diaper fetish don't say anything about it is becuase of 'Embarassment' (FYI I cant use cammas cause I'm on a mobile device

Does your son pee in the diapers

Why would you ask that?

Thanx helped a lot :) very motivating also and also kind of sad

See I bought some qnd let them found them and then they as if I wanted to keep wearing then and so now they by them for me

Small typo there

i wish my parents would, i have not told them, understand like u
and have the curage to tell them

Well (don't have a camma on mobile device) if you really want them then tell them you cant keep a secret forever

correction i despratly WANT, i dont know about need,advice

i actually have that
i keep this secret.
should i tell my parents?My dad is
here but he cant really understand english
so its not hard hiding it from him but really
should i tell them? i despratly need advice!

If you want them then I guess yea you cant keep a secret forever adventally your parents will figure out

It's good that your son has a supportive parent like you

You are a good dady


Ok, this deserves a flag, why say that

cool my names zach and i have a diaper fetish although i wish my parents would do what you did for your son hes truly lucky

Hello Zach 206.

Zach/Zachary must be a very comman name cuase I'm in 7th grade and there's a lot of Zachary/Zach names at my area

you sir, are a good father.

I've seen alot of the same replys

i wood like to have you for my daddy and keep me in diapers babyfloyd

Hello Floyd.

How do you 'know' everyone, hmmm..... you must be a spy or something like that

What found himwould your reaction be if him using the diaper for whats its designed instead of toilet would you still embrace the idea

Good question!

Me --> einophilia: Your doing the same I am replying to every commet

Your the kind of father a kid should have. You show trust and respect. As a DL myself I can relate to both of you. My Dad died a few years ago. and in the last few weeks I found my old Diaper fetish. Although I used them for a time for there purpose, I have progressed back to normal bathroom routines. I hope I can be as fatherly a figure in my future kids lives as you are in yours

My father left my mother for someone else and scientificly everyone on earth are about 0.0000001% related small number but still

U r truly the father every kid was ment to have I'm happy for ur son that he has found out what he luvs and has a father that will let him openly express it I wish u and ur son the best of luck

Wow that is a very cool story. You are a great dad. It's great that your son has a friend that accepted his diaper fetish. It would be cool if you were my neighbor.

If someone in my area found out someone was wearing a diaper they would make fun of that person and be bullyed my state has just considered a law about this bullying its a real problem but hopefully bullying stops

Yeah I hope that bullying stops too.

I wish my dad were like you. He only cares about himself

you're an inspiration to me

Mee too!

That is a great story. You are a great father. I would love to be your friend.

Wow, you're an awesome father you know that? Certainly a strange story, but real nice of you to accept your son as someone like that! Be proud of yourself Lewbers, by what I've read, you're lenient but he's still well disciplined even after what's happened

It's awesome to see that you do what you have to do to make your own kid happy, no matter the cost, yet you're still able to keep him under control

This is probably one of the strangest stories I've read yet, but I can see that you love your son very much, and I believe you have nurtured his individuality more than any parent I've ever known.

Thanks, it was indeed a unique experience, in both of our lives. Thanks for the sincere compliment!

Kudos to you for being supportive! *high five*!

im 13 and iv had diaper fedish for a long time i wish i could tell my dad like your sun did