I Love My Family

I love my family so much they realy mean alot to me,for everything they have done for me..they were there when i needed them most..i love them so much..my mom and dad are the best people i ever known.

In 2011 i became Pregnant and i was afraid of my family,i didnt knew what to do i was confused but they were such humble people with LOVE in their hearts for me that they accepted me and the fact that i was pregnant..

They welcomed my daughter with so much love and happinness that i was'nt expecting at all,..

I love my family so much and may the almighty God bless them,for everything they have done for me..
Sartjiek Sartjiek
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Excellent parenting

May I ask how old you were when you became pregnant?

I sure the almighty God has already and will continue to bless you and your lovely family.
Love to you and yours.

You are so blessed to have a family

wut happen next

Unlike you life with the family is hell and ****** every day I can't be the perfect child every thing I do is never perfect for them

I became a mom at 15 after being raped. My grandmother helped me get through high school, and today my son is almost 18. I have an MBA, a great career, and my own home. Support of family and friends were key, in addition to my own determination and most importantly, God. I share my store in my memoir, Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother. www.lifeafterbirthbook.com I know it will help and bless you.

You are so blessed to have a family like that. My father turned his back on me after my brother got married and kept my entire inheritance away from me and all this coz of my brother's wife and the poison she spread amongst my family members. You are so lucky to have a family that loves you like this.

family love is not give and take luv

So lovely of your family to accept that situation. Not at all good for a man to make a woman pregnant then just walk away. Nice also that your baby daughter is being looked after by you and your parents. Hopefully in the future you will meet a man who cares for you, falls in love and marries and then has a baby brother or sister for you daughter.

Thanks for sharing the good news about LOVE! I don't think common culture epects this kind of reaction from parets. Your parents are wonderful and you are lucky. You will have adjustmets to make in your life as a result of becomming a single parent but you have great examples in your parents to follow with your daugher. I only hope as a parent myself I can be as good as yours have been

God bless them, and you get busy returning the love.

You and your daughter love them back Sartjiek and you will have a rich life indeed for they will always be with you and you will have them in your mind and heart all the time. Be happy with your daughter and your family.

Raise your child giving as much love and understanding but with a knowledge that your mistake shall not be repeated.

I am the father of three daughters. Two of my daughters became pregnant and gave birth to babies when they were 17. I have never considered that I, or my wife had to forgive them as they had done nothing to forgive. We supported our daughters when they needed that 'extra support' when the fathers of the babies did not want to know about their respective child or responsabilities.We have supported our daughters through their childhood in all that they have done. I believe most parents would do the same. Some of their decisions have not been very wise, other decisions unbelievably wise. I doubt that having babies outside a 'supported relationship', whether or not that would mean marriage, is wise. They have done exactly the same as my wife and I only we had a family after we were married. They had different ideas in the order of priority. I know it would be wrong of my wife and me to condem either of our daughters for having different ideas to us just as I feel it would be harsh of them to condem us for ours. We have always tried to show love, patience, understanding and our grandchildren are a credit to our daughters. All three are now married and sharing their lives with other men. One has made a good choice - the other two, well I am not too sure. Time of course will tell whether I am right or wrong and I am aware that I am, as their father probably a little over protective, for the time being.<br />

You and your wife are extraordinary people, so many people would have judged and moralised over the circumstances you have described with your daughters. Yes you are right there was nothing to forgive and taking that attitude enabled them to have the love and support they needed and to move forward positively and without recriminations. You are a wise man, I only wish more people were like that in the world we live.

First of all, thank you for keeping your baby instead of exercising "choice." My sister aborted several of hers and regrets it to this day, even though she has other children. You have also discovered, as have many of us on this forum, that parents can be more forgiving and accepting than most of us believe. All children are a blessing from God, and while God would prefer that the child be raised in a family with a mother and father, he will still show mercy to us in less than perfect circumstances. My prayer is that you will reach out to God for help. Never be afraid to ask him for what you need, and he will provide it, often through his people here on earth. Blessings to you and your child!

I don't know where you are from, but what a lovely story.

It just goes to show you that love really does conquer all. You put your trust in God and He didn't fail you. You are blessed to have such a caring family. Never forget that. Many people wish they had what you have.

That's love one might not like the things some one they love does but love overlooks the errors and keeps on loving that's what the almighty God did and still does for all of us., .

That is so wonderful. Our daughter also became pregnant in 2011 and even though it is not what any parent plans for their child it doesn't matter as this is still our child and we love her unconditionally. We would have missed out on so much had we rejected her and her baby but instead we have had so much joy and love with our grandson that it is unimaginable. We can choose to love our child unconditionally or with conditions but life is so much fulfilling without conditions. Imagine our children not perfect................. how can that be since we as parents are soooo perfect! NOT!! The key is to love them, as love and family are so important if not the most important in life. Besides you would miss out on soooooo much fun. You are very fortunate to have parents who understand you and love you as well.

You are blessed; as are your parents.

im happy for you.it's good to have kids.im thinking of that now although im single...wel happy for u

I'm so happy fo you and your little one!

What a wonderful story. The world needs more parents like yours who provide the love and support needed during crucial times in our lives. You are truly blessed, and it is a joy to see you realize that!

thank you for this bright spot. I'm very glad for you.

I love my family so much.may god bless them