My Family 2

so if you are reading this and have not read: my family 1, then you HAVE to read that first or none of this will make any sense!thx!;)

its a warm sunny day at 7:30am.
*beep beep beep*
*beep beep beep*
my alarm went off right on time. but i did not want to get up. it was already enough pain opening my eyes. but then it hit me, i have a dance recital and so does kalina! i jumped out of bed and ran out to the balcony only to be blinded by the sun. i walked nextdoor to kalinas room.
quietly opening the door i tiptoed inside and over to her bed.
" hey," i whispered putting my hand on kalinas shoulder
"kalina," i tried again.
her eyes fluttered open. and she yawned.

"why did you wake me up?" she asked
"the dance recital,"
"what-oh! we have to get ready!"
"yeah, so why dont we pick out your leatard and get dressed and ready?" i suggested
"ok." kalina said with a sweet smile.

i picked her up out of bed and carried her on my hip to my bedroom. i sat her on my dresser and opened the bottem drawer(thats where we keep all our dance stuff). i held up a pink long sleve x back leatard, but she shook her head no. i reached back in and pulled out a purple short sleve one with a skirt attatched.
" ya i want that one!" she replied
"ok and i have to wear my costume," i said pulling out a pair of black leggings and almost skin tight t-shirt(wich was white with a black design on it.)

i put kalina on the ground and she took her clothes off and i helped her with her leatard.
"why dont you go brush your teeth?" i asked her.
"ok," she answered
"ill be right in to do your hair!" i informed her

grabbing my clothes i took of my pajamas and put on a clean pair of underwear and a bra. i slipped into my leggings, but before i got my top on, julia came bursting thrugh my door.

"Why is kalina singing a song a 8 in the morning!?!?" julia yelled.
i put my top on, and opened my mouth to speak but before i could say a word,
"ya know, some people want to sleep!" she said lowering her voice
"i didnt know, i sent her to brush her teeth, you can go back to bed and ill go tell her to quiet down." i replied
but no sooner did i say that did josh walk in.

"julia woke me up."he complained still a little sleepy
"i did not!"julia snapped
"did to!"
"DID NOT! ugh..."
julia stomped off when kalina walked in with a toothbrush in her mouth. i picked her up and held her on my hip.
"hey josh, why dont you go down stairs and watch tv? ill make breakfast soon!" i told josh
"ok,"he said through a yawn.
"and you," i started to tell kalina, "you dont sing in the morning when people are sleeping."

we walked to the bathroom and brushed our teeth. with kalina sitting on the counter, i put her hair into a tight bun, and i did mine as well. just as i was finishing up when a blast of music came from julias room. i motioned kalina to walk downstairs. we walked into the kitchen and kalina went to sit and watch tv. i made pancakes and called josh and kalina for breakfast. they took three pancakes like me and we ate.soon it was time to go. mom and dad were out of town and so i had to drive malina and i.

"do you have to go to the bathroom before we go?" i asked kalina
"ya but i need help,"
we walked in to the bathroom and i got her leatard off and sat her on the toilet. after she was done i got her leatard back on.and helped her wash her hands. i decided not to go.
as we were walking to leave, we went through the laundry room and i sat kalina on the washing machine and put on her ballet shoes, and slipped on mine as well. we drove to the dance studio and i told kalina when she was done to meet me on the bench in the waiting room. we both went back to the sign in table and i walked kalina to her waiting room all her other freinds were there. i was allowed to come check on her, since im backstage too. i kneeled down and gave her a hug and kiss, and i left.

"i wish i had a big sister like yours." said selena(kalinas bff. her sister and i are also bffs!)
"well, i love my sister!" answered kalina unsure howto respond

kalina and i performed and i walked out to meet her in the waiting room.i found her on the bench talking to carrot hair selena.
"jess!" called kalina
"hi sweetie! good job at your performance!"
"thanks"she replied
then selenas sister haley showed up.
"haley!" called selena looking for a reaction
"what?"she asked
"good job." selena said in a softer voice a little disappointed about haleys reaction.
"thanks."replied haley.
selenas heart sank, you could tell by her face.
"good job selena!" isaid patting her on the leg.
i picked up kalina and sat her in the car.
"hey, jess," she started"thanks for being a great sister!"
i wrapped her in a hug.
"well thats what big sisters are for!"
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A really good story well written


No problem

i will be writing more!:)