My Crazy Family

Today is my eldest brother 29th birthday so I thought I would share a little about my family and how it has grown and changed in the past year.

My birth parents are still married, I have two older half brother and two younger sisters, I am going to tell a little bit about each member of my family and I will try not to say mean things about my parents even though currently I am mad at them.

I will start with my dad and go down according to age.

Jeff: (aka Dad, Daddy, Jeffykins, and Chief)
age: 51
Ocupation: Businessman
Spouse: Vanessa
Hobbies: hunting and fishing, and doing everything my mom tells him.
Even though we think he is a geizer, my mom still thinks he is a the handsome stud he was 18 years ago. His hair very faintly turning gray but he still pretty active and agile, ha ha he gets his exercise chasing us kids around.
My dad is big and strong, but he is very kind and caring, he is the type of dad who will stay up with you the whole night if you are scared or sick , he reads us bedtime stories, and knows how to tickle us till we cry from laughing so much.
He loves to eat steak, seriously we eat it like 3 times a week lol.
He is Godly man and trys to be kind and treat everyone equal, he is very patience. He used to be in the Marine and so he knows a lot about life and life experiences, he's probably the smartest person I know.
I love my dad and I am glad he always there for me when I need  to talk or need a hug =)

Vanessa: (aka Mom, Momma, and Babe)
age: 49
Ocupation: retired Interior Designor
Spouse: Jeff
Hobbies: Shopping, getting manicures, and enjoying the finer things of life.
Now I love my mom I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for her,
But like any mother daughter relationships we have are good times and our tough times, well i'll be honest most of them are tough, but I try my best to make her proud.
I guess the more I think about it I should judge her for being completely heartless  and horrible, she had an even worse relationship with her mom.
My mom is very girly and I know it bugs her because I am a tomboy, and is always trying to get me to be more ladylike, but as she states "I want you to look like the princess you are not a street rat."
We have our fights and our arguements but I guess deep down she does care and love me, even though sometimes I dont think it shows.

My parents will have been married for 18 years this sunday actually, my dad was married once before, a long long long time ago, his wife left him as I am told she wasnt a very good wife or mother and liked to party a lot, he has never once even mentioned her name, but he did have two sons with that big brothers who I love very much.

Tyler: (aka Ty and Bubba)
Age: 29
Occupation: rancher
Spouse: Kayla
Hobbies: being outdoors, fishing, and spending time with his sons.
Since Tyler is 12 years older than I am, he has always kind of been like a second father to me, he was very patient with me growing up and he showed me how to do all kinds of stuff for example ride a bike.
He wasnt the kind of brother who would tease me or take my toys, more of the kind who would let me have the last cookie, and play with me when no one else was around.
Tyler is the responsible one, sure he got in his fair share of trouble as teenager, but he learned from his mistakes and didnt repeat them again.
He got married a couple years ago and he and his wife have two very sweet baby boys Cade (1 1/2) and Johnny (5 days) .
He is following in the footsteps of grandfather, he is strict and very conservative, and stays on the straight and narrow path, but we still love him =).............shhhhh dont tell he is my favorite brother.

Clay (ton): (aka Buddy, JackNozzle, and Swaggamuffin)
Age: 21
Occupation: ranch hand
Spouse: engaged to Katie
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, watching tv.
Well like I said I would try not to be too mean but his hobbies pretty much sum it up ha ha. Clay is kind of a couch potatoe he likes video games and eating A LOT. He tries to pretend he is cool, but really he is not. I wont say he is dumb but he doesnt think very quickly sometimes.
Clay was awful to me when we were growing up he took my stuffed animals and drew mustaches on them, he hid behind doors and jumped out and scared me, he  shoved me down the stairs and tried killing me various times. We actually are the closest in age he is 4 years 6 days older than I am.
Clay had a bad boy repuation, he drank a lot in highschool and was arrested three times before he was 18, but his life on the other side of the law came to an abrupt end when he got his fiance pregnant. He now has a cute 3 month old son named Clayson, I think it was actually good now that he is a daddy because is more responsible and care for someone other than himself.
Me and Clay had a rough past but really he is a good big brother *cough, cough* sometimes, and I know that he has a good life ahead of him and he's going to turn out just fine :)

Lexi (Alexia) : (aka sweetie, Big Sister, and Prank Master General)
Occupation: pranking and senior in highschool
Spouse: engaged to Preston
Hobbies: riding horses, pranking, and living life to the fullest.
Now we come to the most important person in the family ha
I showed up 9 months after my parents wedding, and they were very happy because I was they're first precious little girl.
Well the years went by and I turned into an unholy terror, ha ha I was an extremely hyper active kid, never listened or stayed still for more than 5 minutes. I like pranking and playing tricks on people and to this day I still enjoy doing that. I love horses, most of my life is spent either riding or thinking about horses.
My parents have high exceptations of me and I try to live up to those and make them proud, and I try to be a good sister and daughter :)

Erica: (aka Baby, Ricki and Pipqueak)
Age: 12
Occupation: 6th grader
Hobbies: dolls and tea parties, playing with her cat and rabbit and whining when she doesnt get her way.
Erica is the little darling angel of the family, her personality is so sweet you just want to hug her when you see her. Erica is the opposite of me she is a girly girl and I think my parents have spoiled her, she has a room stuffed with toys and she throws a tantrum if she doesnt get what she wants, when she wants it. Sometimes I think Erica can be kind of babyish, she is shy and gets scared easily. She always wants the people she loves close to her, and I mean close she follows me everywhere.
She tells me she wants to be just like me when she gets older, I think that is very sweet and I try to be a good role model and good big sister even though sometimes she does drive me crazy.

Veronica: (aka midlife suprise as my parents say)
Age: due date December 12, 2012
Hobbies: As my mom says.............."kicking and making me sick"
My parents are expecting another baby, my mom is up there in years, but the doctors says that everything looks fine and they expect this to be a easy and healthy birth. Its been a while since there was a baby in the house, I'm excited but also kind of annoyed it seems like all my parents can talk and think about it baby Baby BABY. But I know they are excited happy and I guess thats all that really matters.
Its kinda weird that my brothers have kids already and my parents are having a baby, so I asked my brothers about and they said they didnt really care, its kind of sad but they have always thought of my mom as "dads wife", not as their mom.
We are doing a lot of preperation for Veronica, and I am working on writing "How to Survive Childhood" letters bascially just humorous tips and advice, because she is not going to have siblings to learn stuff from like I did.

My dad jokes about this but maybe it will be true "In 29 years, I have made 5 kids, I love all of them EQUALLY. I have two handsome sons and two beautiful daughters. I have a responsible son, a troublemaking son, a mischievious and willful daughter, and a cute and sweet daughter..............................odds are the next one is bound to turn out perfect." ha ha ha ha ha he likes to joke, but I know both my parents are hoping that Veronica will be another "Erica" ha ha ha I dont think they could handle another kid as wild as I was.

In my young years I have learned that family is very important we sometimes think we hate them and could live on our own, but really we always need someone to tell us they love us and tuck us in at night and snuggle up with in front of the fire and read bedtime stories.
We have our fights and our arguements, but at the end of the day we are laughing and joking and having a good time.
At times I think my parents are mean and heartless and strict, but the rules and disipline is for my benefit not my destruction.
My brothers drive me crazy with the teasing and name calling, but I know they care and would do anything for me if I asked.
Soon i will have two little sister who will be following me everywhere and asking me everything like if they play with my highheel shoes to asking about boys and dating advice. I think it is my responsibility to be a good role model for them and try and show them that being a real woman is not about the makeup or clothes you wear.

My family can drive my crazy sometimes, and they can be embarrassing (for example Clay posting a picture of me potty training) but like that old saying goes......................."Cant live with them, Cant live without them."
I love my family and I thank them all for loving me and raising me =)

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Well I do like our family as different and crazy as it may be and I think your a good sister even though I wanted a monster truck and they brought you home instead :P HA.

Would you give up the stupid monster truck dream

Thats sweet and something always remember i'll be with u somehow or someway and i'll always love u :)