I Love My Family

The closeness of my family is not understood by many people in this day and time. We carry on an old family tradition of getting together every Sunday for lunch at my parent's home. Children, grandchildren and one great-grandchild are there almost every Sunday. If it were not for my family, I have no idea if I would've made it this far in life. We stick together.
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This story holds even more meaning since you lost your Dad. Hugs to Pent. XXX

Thank you. It's going to be hard getting together now. At times anyway

Yes, but you should still get together, because you need each other. I hope your Mom is doing okay.... A very great loss for her.

We will. Thanks


You are very lucky that you are so close with them. The only 'normal' healthy family relationship I had was with my grandparents, and they are both gone now. Cherish that time with your family. There will be a time when all you have left is the amazing memories you had during those times together. You will never regret that time together. ;)

My family is very similar...It's impossible for us to all be together as two of my brothers work out of town for 3 and 4 weeks at a time...but, we wind up getting together throughout the week for lunch or dinner...when everyones home we always do a big dinner at Mom and Dads. I feel the same...so lucky to have them and their support...so lucky to have a family that has been my rock.

I come from a large family....my brothers come with their wives and children and their in-laws etc....I also have a very extended military familiy. Our home was always ope to a brother. Woke up many a day with a stranger at the breakfast table. Awesome times!

My parents and grandparents and most of extended family all have conflicting religious views, but one thing we did was the every other week family dinner. It didn't matter that we didn't agree. We all went and we all got along. I have three girls and live far from my family now. We now carry the tradition. I can't imagine not cooking for my kids for a special dinner like this. I adopted my friends as extended family and they call and check the calendar for the month to schedule in the family dinners. I love it and will never stop.

Thanks for sharing. We're always willing to share our time with others too

Lucky you...all of my family, except for my children...are thousands of miles away...never take it for granted....

Thanks, honey. I try not to take it for granted. I would be lost without them

Family is everything,