One Of The Most Important Ppl In My Life...

Do you all have people in your life who inspire you? I hope so...

My inspiration, the person I would want to be like when I'm old and grey is my grandmother. She's so sweet, just a fantastic person. I love her so much.
She's great to people, always see the good in people, and at the same time tries (and succeeds) not letting them get to her. She's found a balance in life, and I admire her for that, and other things too.

She is 86, so I know that I have to be realistic that one day she wouldn't be here anymore, but I don't want to think about that too much yet. I just want to spend as much time with her as possible.

Maybe people won't believe when I say this, she has bought a computer a few years ago, never thought she would start with that, but she did.
She learned how to use the mouse, learned how to type, write emails, play games, she even has a Facebook account (she doesn't use it much but she just has one)...
Now she came to a point where she is writing her memoirs, for herself and for us to read when she's gone. Most of the family members, including me, just love her stories so much about 'the old days'. Oh boy and she tells her stories really great, in such a way you just want to hear more! So she's still writing the story about her life, and is planning to make a book of that one, so that we can always read her stories when we feel the need to. Love her!
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Very sweet story :)

Thank you :-)

Me too Kelly. My Grandma is my role model. If there some a personification of love, it was her.

Exactly! Hope I reach to the same point in life she has! She has so much wisdom, so many stories to tell, some grandma's are just amazing! Wouldn't know what to do without her, but like I said, don't want to think about that just yet. Just enjoy her company!

oops. sorry I meant to say "if there was someone who was a personification of love"..well it is friday afternoon. pardon me folks.