Stepmother's Reward

I have a beautiful stepdaughter... I'm sorry, let me rephrase that; I have a beautiful daughter. She no longer allows me to say "stepdaughter." She has been in my life longer than she can remember.
Since her father had the visitation, I have been at the mercy of their schedule. So, when she couldn't come for whatever reason, I couldn't voice an opinion because I am only her stepmother. It always seemed to come around to that.
I tried to be the best to her that I could, while still guiding her to a good adulthood. When her father indulged her, I was the voice of reason.
Always, always, I hoped that she would see that it was because I love her and want her to be everything a young lady should. Respectful, responsible and independent.
I really thought that I'd never really know how she felt about it... me... because she just isn't that expressive about her emotions.
So when we were at the wedding reception of her best friend, she introduced me to some other guests as her mom. I was conflicted, as she has a mom, and she was there also. I didn't say a word... not the time or place. I didn't have to. The gentleman asked her who that short woman dressed in the green pantsuit was, wasn't that her mom?

She said, "No, that's my mother, this is my mom."
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Jan 12, 2013