Long Story, Short Story Attempt. Post-its On My Plants

I'm recently separated after 25 years; never lived by myself; my sister (age 40, not kids, no job or $$$) asked to move in after a month of separation; its been two weeks. OK - I came home from work Friday and my sister put post-its on my plants. I asked why she did it and she said she wanted to name them. I told her my plants have names and she removed the post-its with a bit of an attitude, in addition she appeared to have hurt feelings. Meanwhile, I'm was hot as fish grease and pissed at the whole situation. I understand the whole, "territorial" thing I may be experiencing due to my own recent changes. I am monitoring my own behavior and it's petty, but who does that?
mdechelleb mdechelleb
41-45, F
Jan 13, 2013