My Family


In my eyes I have the best family I couldn’t ask for a better family and over the past 8 months they have really proved it, no I am a only child so it’s just my parents and me, but the rest of the family is well there is about 30 all up I come from a large family I have 11 aunties/uncles 10 cousins and 10 second cousins, but back to my family.

My parents have always treated me like an adult have always asked for my opinion and I have always been allowed to make decision about the family just like they do.

In august last year I found out that I was sick, and I had cyst/tumours when they found them I had 2 of them connected to my ovaries the left one was 32 cm long and 20 cm around the second one was 21 cm long 20 cm around, so they were very big and they got bigger between my visits to the doctor and specialist so my dad would drive me to the appointments my mum would come in with me, during each appointment I would get some type of news it was all very scary and most days I would end up crying and both my mum and dad would be there to hold me when that happened then I got the date for my surgery, the morning of the surgery they both walked me in holding my hands for 2 reasons 1 to comfort me and 2 to make sure I didn’t run away, during my stay in hospital they where there every day during each visiting hours I got very upset while I was in hospital and mum and dad would stay they whole time and would call me all the time and then when I got out of hospital they waited on me hand and foot and looked after me took me to the hospital and doctors, I couldn’t ask for better parents or to feel more loved, I love my parents so much

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22-25, F
Feb 28, 2009