I love my family so much! I have the best family ever. My father, he is truly one of a kind. He is the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back, if your shoes broke he would take his off and hand them too you and say "I'm fine". He has been my biggest supporter he has given up so much so that my siblings and I could have every opportunity possible in life and more. He has done nothing but love us unconditionally and I can't even bare to think about the day he is no longer here with us even tho he has years and years left I just love him so much. My siblings are the best. My brother I respect what he does so much he is a hero in my eyes my oldest sister she has a little girl and another baby on the way too soon to tell what it will be I hope a boy we need some boys in this family! My younger sister cracks me up! She is always riding me about being single and getting out there. I also have two more sister but they are a lot younger. My step mom she is great, we had our ups and downs growing up but nothing like I am sure others do not go threw. It was hard I am sure on her I know my brother and I where hard to handle and my sister my older one talk about a party animal, but thick and thin we are always there for each other.

One of the most important things for me should I ever decided to settle down is they have to enjoy my family and be able to handle getting picked on because that is what we all do. My brother just had a baby I was there for the whole birth I never cared for my SIL much but now I adore her, we have gotten closer and she comes out with me and friends when she can maybe I just never gave her the chance. I remember when my niece was born hugging him and we both cried together I was crying tears of joy what an amazing thing to witness if only every sister was so luck too right?! He kept saying he was sorry he felt so bad for me because of past trauma I told him he was being foolish but it just shows how much we love one another.

The best thing about my family is we never let the other one fall. We pick one another up. We love one another, we are there for one another. Yes we fight, we bicker, we sometimes hang up on one another but fights last more then three hours forget it.

I am so blessed to the moon and back.
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You're a lucky girl. You can only imagine how many people would love to be in your position but aren't.

I know :( I am so blessed! I hope someday to be able to just pass it on!