My Father Is Amazing.

I don't even know where to begin with him. 55 years of age. Single Parent. Disabled. And making it on his own. Having a career of his own chosing. And never letting life get in his way of LIVING!

My dad raised me on his own since I was 5 years old, when My mother passed away. He has Cerebral Palsy. He is paralyzed on his left side. He can walk. He can talk and he can function just like you and me. But... He falls alot. Which is a small sacrifice to pay for such a long beautiful life.

My father... He gets disrespected constantly and was always being called a "Bad Father" I'm astounded that ANYONE would call him a bad father. They don't see him the way I do. Giving me a roof over my head. Food to eat. Clothes on my back plus all the extra stuff I didn't need.

He is amazing, I love him. Life would be absolutely dull without him.


wantingtobeNormal18 wantingtobeNormal18
Mar 16, 2009