..and Toes Also :)

Yes i've been told many times how pretty, sexy or cute my feet and toes are.
I'll never argue with a compliment;D

It was so funny and ego lifting when years ago a male friend (platonic) happened to see my freshly pedicured and polished toes in multi colour of varying bright shades. He commented something to the effect of 'they look like candies to suck'
Awww so nice ! Totally made me feel like a woman :))

It takes so little of something sincere to put a smile on my face.
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should have told him to suck then,love to see pic of your feet love female feet if your every need a footstool i have a face you would love,you can use my face as your footstool and drop your toenail right in my mouth when you trim them,,,damn your so pretty man want you to use there face for your footstool that's something to smile about smile

LOL what about the rest of her, or do you neglect the person and adore only the feet , hmmm ? :)

If she request. Her breast, nipples, thighs, the whole leg or wherever she request. The goal is strictly focusing pleasuring her.

I pamper every women who trust me. I would shave dead skin from her soles to massaging them for hours till her feet looks so fresh and youthful. The end result would be the proudest moment seeing her happy with the most beautiful sight of her feet.

I get so few so I drink them in :D :S...(ok truth be told sometimes i am suspicous ! :P ha!!)<br />
Just try to remember who gives it gives so from the heart and therefore it's real.<br />
But most imprtantly you are a wonderful person full of goodness, light, inspiration and joy!!! And made in God's image which means perfect the way you are, in all our flaws we are OK ( I got to remind myself of this always! :)) ~ so maybe bit by bit you can learn to accept them into you :))<br />
<br />
Awww *big fuzzzy hugs sister*<br />
In the past my heels would always get a lot worse in summer yes and i have had the cracked heel problem, very painful :(!! I think part of it is I like to wear flip flops so that may not translate well into good foot health o_O...not sure.<br />
<br />
I sometimes shave my heels (they have special stuff for it) and buff with a pumice stone , and then always put the most moisturizing cream on them, even vaseline with socks overnight. I never did the vaseline with socks but have read it is supposed to be great. Well i do use it as a great lip balm, it's very gentle:)<br />
<br />
Love, K.

mine are a mess! I would love to get my cracked heals healed....<br />
It is nice that you like yours! And you never argue with a compliment? How nice that is too!! I do every time ; ( .......