Amazing, Aren't They?

Just in the past few years, I have learned to LOVE my feet! Especially when I get a pedicure...its great! And when someone gives me a foot rub and gets in really deep..its so passionate

bOObsMaGee bOObsMaGee
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 18, 2009

just wait till you start getting them worship or useing people's face's for you footstool,i like to be 1st

WOW bOObsMaGee, I would love to give your feet a deep massage that would last at least 20 minutes each foot, I use Johnson & Johnson baby oil, it makes massaging easy I've been told it feels fantastic, and they smell great when the exess oil is wiped away, come on to Michigan and you'll enjoy the best foot massage ever in ur life, but the massage wouldn't end with ur feet...LOL