Usually On the Level

The females who ask me to add them to my circle are usually on the up and up. Except for the ones who are full fetish groups. Those I think are really men pretending to be women. I'm more wary of the males because often I suspect they claim nudism just because they want to see me naked to get off on.

hadakarei hadakarei
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Thanks for adding me to your circle. Only joining EP a couple of weeks ago, I knew I'd have to be open and transparent if I wanted to make friends. With so many weirdo's trolling the internet looking for ways to get off, I figured the best way to fit in was by posting my own stories and pics and letting informed people decide if I was worth their time. Hopefully we can all be discriminating in that way.

That's why you're in my circle, colin.

Lol, while I would understand your concern about being wary of men, wouldn't you at least be a lil'....I can't think of a proper word (coffee hasn't kicked in)....impressed, or something like that?<br />
I dunno, I don't really harass people until I'm comfortable enough, but I think it'd be kinda hot, but that's just me. Toodles