A Boy & His Flip Flops

Southern California summers (circa late 50's & 1960's) would officially start with my mom's regimented ritual of buying the kids a pair of plastic Flip-Flops from the local grocery store.  The Flip-Flops/Thongs/Zorros were displayed in a huge wire bin and came in only two colors (blue & red) with 3 unisex size choices (S-M-L).  Having a new pair signified the beginning of the summer vacation, freedom from school and also allowed free range feet and toes to freely inner-mix with H2O adventures at Laguna Beach, Sierra Mountains and the local pool.  These ancient sandals provided absolutely no comfort & support, poorly protected the tips of the toes, would produce blisters for the first 3 or 4 weeks of summer vacation and would rarely last the entire summer.  Perhaps the technology of the time wasn't advanced enough or maybe the rigors administered by an eight year old throwing their Flip-Flops like a Ninja Star Frisbee at any moving target (teasing older brother) that crossed their path also aided in their short lifespan.
I recently bought my first pair of Reef Slap II's and was amazed by the huge step* or advancement in flip-flop technology that has occurred since those early primitive years and even in the last 15 years.  Gone is the bin shopping which now has been replaced by the computer/mouse pad navigation for easy internet ordering...whoever would have guessed.......WOW!   
Seriously though, these Reefs are amazingly comfortable, supportive, cushiony and have not caused the dreaded blistering syndrome (DBS) so common with many of the poorly made flip-flop brands. They immediately conformed to the individual dynamics (arch) of my feet, ABSOLUTELY NO BREAK IN PERIOD WAS NECESSARY. After reading some of the reviews about sizing, I ordered one size larger than my normal tennis shoe size, this was the perfect sizing calibration tool and provided for a perfect fit.
Many word meanings have evolved (current trends) and changed over time just like the design and construction of the Flip-Flops from those early days of the 1960's.  A free range is not necessarily a major appliance one can win in a contest or by redeeming trading stamps, a mouse pad isn't a home for rodents and a thong is not only a sandal but a type of very uncomfortable underwear, but more importantly the Flip-Flop has evolved into a pleasurable footwear experience.
*Pun intended  
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