I Have A 97 Ranger Flareside

I got it from my dad when he stopped driving. It's got a 2.3 and an automatic and came with a shell. It has been a constant runner, although I will be the first to admit that it never really got great gas mileage (14-17 mpg). I replaced the 60/40 bench seat with bucket seats from an Explorer and liked having buckets so much that I am looking to put some racing buckets in when I can modify the seating bracketry to accommodate the new seats. I also went and put on a set of alloy rims from a '91 Lincoln LSC that allows me to fit 245/50/16s. I got it with just under 40K and it now has 120K and still is running strong.
jazzbiker jazzbiker
46-50, M
Apr 10, 2012