I Have One Rare Ford

hey, whats up. just decided to to tell you guys and gals that i have an awesome 1967 ford f-250 crew cab. if you know enough about ford trucks you'll know that ford didn't make a stock crew cab until about 1970-1. i know it was a special order from seattle and made in ontario, along with various other things. if you doubt me go to myspace.com/coolguycaleb and i think i have some pics of it.

if you want to know more then let me know.

marvthebass marvthebass
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 17, 2009

WOOHOO!!!! I am no longer the ONLY member of "I love my Ford Truck" :P<br />
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Gorgeous truck btw.... loved the pics, thank you for sharing. oh, cute doggie too!<br />
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