The First Time

I don't know if I was 8 or 9 years old. I do remember being at the doctors office.
I had to see the doctor because of an accident I had at school. I got hurt and everyone was worried about my testicles.
There were alot of embarassing exams those few weeks. I'll tell them later, as some are more appropriate for other groups on here.
But they all lead to the bunch of fetishes I now have as an adult. Back to this story...
So I'm getting yet another physical, my mom is in the room and the nurse, a lovely african american BBW in her thirties is taking my temperature and my blood pressure. She is being so nice to me and really being loveing towards me. She was relaxing me for the doctor.
She asked me if i knew what I was here for. I honestly didn't. I remember she pinched my cheeks and promissed me a gift after the doctor was done seeing me. Everything was going well at this point and I lost the all the anxiety I had, when I first walked in.
She left and said the doctor will be in to see me in a minute. Just sit tight. My mom, still in the room was more nervouse than me.
She started to ask me questions. Did you put on clean underware? Did you remember to clean yourself...down there?
She started to freak me out again, then the door bursts open and this taller than life old man, had to be in his sixties, comes in.
He's got glasses on the tip of his nose and a great big white beard. He shakes my moms hand and introduces himself. He then shakes my hand and I remember his hands being so big they engulfed mine. He sat down on the rolling stool and told me to sit down on the bed with the paper sheet. He looked over my file, muttering to himself. An occasional Mmm Hmm, and an okay, yes, okay escaped his lips. He then popped up and looked right at me and said, Well, lets not waist any time, lets have a look shall we?
He said, Pull down your pants please.
I looked at my mom, she was beat red. I didn't want her here for this, whatever this was. But the doctor insisted. Come on, come on. Don't be shy. And reached for my belt buckle. My mom said she'll do it as I froze. She undid my pants and I snapped out of it. I said I'll do it, and pulled down my pants. Those too, said the doctor pointing to my tighty wighties. I pulled them down to my ankles and all I could think was Please dont get an erection, please dont get an erection! ok so no i didn't think the word "erection", truth is I never even *********** at that point, but I had noticed my penis would get bigger and harder when I would get excited. I just didn't want that to happen to me infront of my mom and this strange old man. So now I'm standing there, bare assed infront of my mom and the doctor and I start thinking, hey can we lock the door? what if someone comes in?...Then, with out warning, the doctor grabs ahold of my scrotum with an ice cold hand, and gives it a squeeze. He pulles me towards him. I take two hole steps towards him my balls in his grip. He's crowtched down on the stool with my privates at his eye level, inches from his face. He starts feeling for my testicles. He gets one, the right one, and rolls it betwwen his fingers. He squeezes and asks, does that hurt? Of course it does, but I say No.
He goes for the left nut and I can feel him poking hard. Now he places his left hand over my abdomen and his right hand has two big fingers burried deep into my scrotum. He pushes so hard upwards with those fingers that it lifts me off the grownd a little. He uses his left hand on my abdomin to kind of stabalize me as he does so again and again. This really hurt but I just take it. He says something to my mom. I remember the words Undecended. And Palpate. He then says; Here let me show you how.
He tells me to lay down on the bed thing. My pants still at my ankles. He pushes down at the area around my penis just below my abdomin. He says hes palpating my testicle. Forcing it to come down. Then he grobs my left nut and holds on tight. He pulls on it like its a prize and shows it to my mom. Here now you try are what he says next.
Now thru all this pain, and embarrasment I forgot about worrying about anything else. My mom is now going to touch my pivates. I'm freaking out at a new level here. The doctor moves aside and gives her instructions. He says go ahead, see the pubic hair at the base of the penis? go ahead and push down with two or three fingers, towards the scrotum. Try and push the testicle out of the cavity.
My mom starts to touch me and I'm just numb. She's pushing down and I can feel her nails dig into my skin. This goes on and no one is talking to me. It's like I'm just a body. The doctor and my mom take turns doing this a couple of times. Making sure my mom got it.
He says your going to have to check after baths that both testes are there. If you have any doubt that they have decended just pulpate them like so.... and he does it again; this time traping gboth my balls in his hand.
He lets go and says I did well. Has me sit up. Pants still at my ankles. Now he asks me, I see you have an erection, how often do you **********?
WHAT? My fragile mind is going crazy. I didn't know what he was talking about, but I kinda did at the same time.
Here, stand up for me again, he says. I get up off the bed and am standing in front of him. He gets back on his stool and wheels over to me. He grabs my penis and just pulls back my foreskin. He doesn't warn me, doesn't say what he's gonn'a do or give me a This might hurt abit speach. nuthin. Just rips back the skin from my erect penis. Needless to say it did hurt. I felt a shock. A litteral current went up my spine. I will never forget it. to this day I can still remember that exact pain. Nothing like it in the world. He held my foreskin all the way back as far as it could go. This too hurt. But it was a different kind of pain. It sort of felt good. I could feel a cool breeze on th ehead of my penis. I never felt that before. It felt good.
Just then the door opens up again and its the nice nurse lady. She opens the door and there it is. My hard ****, foreskin peeled back for the first time in a male doctors hand. She says Oh my, sorry to interrupt but we need you in another room doctor.
The doctor lets go of my penis. Now throbbing to my heart beat. And gets up and washes his hands. He says to her no problem. We're done here. I notice no gloves were used. He says I can get dressed and tells my mom everything looks fine. See the nurse before you leave. I get dressed. My mom doesn't say a word to me. She doesn't even look at me actually. The nurse gave me a toy motorcycle and a piece of candy. They set up a follow up visit for the following week.
So that's it. That's the first time it ever happened. Now I kinda look for opprtunities for older men to see my uncut penis and play with it.
it's not a gay thing as I'm straight, it's just a wierd fetish I think I have.
What do you think?
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There are two problems with this story, of course. If you already have pubic hair you're on the verge of puberty, and if you had an undescended testicle it would require an operation - and quick - because it would be a non-functioning gland as it is undescended. If your foreskin was pulled back for the first time ever at that age, not only would it bleed feel way more painful that "an electrical jolt", but it would also stink to high heaven and require the glans to be thoroughly disinfected. Erotic though, isn't it? To think of you with your naked willy in front of Mommy and the Black Nurse...

The first time your glans is uncapped by a doctor is often way more painful than properly done circumcision would have been. Often your mother and the nurse are present, so added to the pain is the fact that you discover how fragile your most sensitive part is in front of females. The only good part is to at last have your poor glans not trapped under a hood of skin all the time any longer.

when i was four years old my foreskin wont retract,so my mom took me to the doctors. The doctor tries to retract and it hurt like hell. Then he he said that he was going to try something else. He told my mom that this was going to be painful and to hold me tight. I was really scared at this point,he had this shiny probe in his hand and slowly inserted between my foreskin and the penis head. I started to feel pain right away and started to cry and told him to stop but he just kept on stretching the foreskin and i was screaming in pain. After it was done my foreskin was red and a little bit of blood.

I'll pull your foreskin back any time you want! I'll even dress like a doctor...

Promises, promises. LOL.
Hit me up if you're serious.

I'm serious, but we may be a continent apart...otherwise it would be a date!

California, SFV, and you?

Thank you. I love any attention given to my penis. And I think it's time for a propper inspection!