They Are Special, Awesome, Supportive. I Adore Them

I don't think words can really describe the feeling I get whenever I glance at my circle.

I get this warmth and sensation of friendship and care.

Each one of them I have interacted with shared pieces of themselves.

I reminisce fairly briefly of our conversations and interactions, feels good when you have a mutuality with yourself and others.

They have been the most supportive people in my life in reality and cyberworld.

I could not ask for better at all.

You all helped me grow and develop my character, allowing me to realize my full potential.

You acknowledged my strengths, traits and things I had not been aware of I had all along.

You tell me I matter in this world.

You protected me against harm.

You shield me against stress.

Encourage me that I will find someone special someday. You are right I have much more confidence in that aspect now.

Told me I am an inspiration for you.

I even received a enormous amount of support last month during my time when I was very ill.

You all displayed genuine care and concern which touched me deeply, made me realize full tilt that you do care. I appreciate that intensely.

You are all the kindest and awesomest people I've ever met on the cyber-real world (Yes I combined them, you guys exist behind the screen too I think lmao).

I am honored to have met every single one of you. Even those outside of my circle.

You made me laugh.

You've made me cry happy tears.

You are the reasons I login everyday.

It's an adventure everyday I come here because of you all.

My heart flutters when I see the mass gather.

I know you are there and will be there.

Your presence means everything.

Our conversations mean the world to me.

I admire your traits.

I respect your sense of humor.

I accept who you are no matter what, that is the truth and from my soul because I do not lie.

I tell you the things I do because I mean every word and I choose them wisely.

Your gestures are filled with emotion and my heart feels each one and I try my best to reciprocate with what's appropriate.

For when my time comes to embrace life. I will carry all of you with me in my mind and heart, all of the lessons I've learned and the things we shared.

Thank you for being my friends.

Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for accepting my friendship for I will make it last as long as I can.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your tears.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for introducing me into your world where I am free to explore where you grant me access.

You guys are the best.

You are all special.

You are all awesome.

I love you. 

I am not afraid to admit I have an attachment towards many of you.

That is not a bad thing, it just goes to show that online friendships are just as REAL as in reality.

Lushiro Lushiro 18-21, M 59 Responses Sep 20, 2012

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Love ya, buddy!

You are an awesome, kind, & loving friend for many, Lushiro. Love you so much. Have a happy day.

you are an old soul. I enjoy your candor and you old soul approach. I would like to add you if you do not mind

Sure :D

I am liking the update. I love you baby.



Friends forever Lushiro. :)

Right back attcha :D

I share many of your sentiments but you have articulated this beautifully as always. This is a lovely story =)

Thank you! Each sentence sourced from the soul. :P

It is my honour to call you friend

Likewise ^^

lushy <3


Magical stuff Lushiro, your an awesome gem, and a treasured friend. ;))

Wow! Thanks! I often have this feeling just not as much as you have experienced. You're a good person. I enjoy your company on line and I feel honoured to have been allowed in your circle of trust. *does Bobby D face* You....You're Good, You! " :)

LOL!!! Awesomeness. :P Feeling is mutual.

Thank you. My friend list is a bit different than yours, but I can say all of the people on my friend list are people I feel are worth getting along with in so far as I know who they are. I can also say I've run into you more than others and appreciate the value of your recognition of me. It shows me, though I'm difficult many times, my honesty has some kind of worth to it. It also shows me optimists and pessimists can get along. ;)

Haha I think dualities pair better because of polar opposite differentiations. :-) You're not hard to comprehend you have a different style and way of thinking is all.

And yet we are not polar opposites. I know I smell black and white at times, but it is not where my awareness lies anymore. I'm glad we both appreciate different. It gives me opportunity to learn from you.

Likewise. :-)

Hang on to your Positive attitude, it will serve you well throughout your life.
Best Wishes.

You got it! :D

Great post. Stay connected to who you can.

Yeay! I love you baby boy!


Is that like dog ears? Lmao

Lol happy eyebrows XD eyebrows don't do that! Lol XD now I'm sitting here making


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pretty powerful stuff. i appreciated every word. i wasn't there a month ago.. but if i had been. you would have wrote this two weeks eariler =P whatever it is, whatever it was, im glad your back.


most of the time I sit on the sidelines of life and watch the fools live their little lives knowing that if I was less of who I am I could be a busy little bee like them but every so often I find a kindred spirit one that reminds me that the whole human race are not ignorant and do not care that they are Thank You for keeping my hope and faith in the human race alive

You deserve it Calvin. :)) And yes you are right but you are YOU for a reason, and I prefer you that way. Never change, walk in your own shadow.

Ahh good too hear. Now we can break you down too the ground and do it all over again :)


you are probably the most honest person i know dude, cool!

lmao I doubt that

You're such a sweetheart :D I'm so glad you're in my circle, always stay the way you are!!

Got it! :)

ps...this place in incredibly addictive....filled with warm and meaningful characters")

LOL!!! I know right :D Arcade mayhem, never know what to expect.

arcade mayhem...very creative my friend...never heard the term...but it made me laugh...congrats!

hahaha score one for lushie :P

Awww, this is so beautiful. I'm so happy to see you receive as much love and caring as you give to everyone. And I couldn't be happier to be your friend. *Hugs*

*Hugs* :)

these are some very kind and beautiful words u have mentioned my friend...your friendship is highly noted and u are a true friend...thank u for being in my life as well!


Thanks buddy, your the man :))


Awww we love you to sweetheart


You are so sweet. I love you too kiddo.


:-) You let me cry on your shoulder. You're the real deal baby! Love you!

:))) are very famous person in EP. just like a celebrity i guess.. :)

lmfao famous...? oO

Well-known...and famous are totally different. I hate popularity, overrated. People who are recognized are so because they earned it lol.

Not really...I don't think I deserve it.


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I know what you mean. This is how I feel about my circle on EP, too :) It's a wonderful feeling.


you should add me to your circle D:

I'll have to make room lol I keep a tight cap on it! When I do you'll receive an invitation to the hall of champions :P

yaaaay :DD

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Awwwwww!!! :3 thank you Lushiro!! This means a lot to me. And thank u for just always being u! It always brightens my day.


I am proud you are my friend