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I did a lot of crazy things in my time because of my drinking and drugging. I can tell you that I had no intention of becoming an alcoholic or an addict going into it I was all of 14. It was just something other people, including my father, did because I saw my peers and tv/movie celebrities partaking with seemingly impervious results. I was much of the same mindset when I see people debating the effects of pot smoking on the internet. Now that I have been through hell and back and learning what I've learned about myself and why I did the things I did aside blaming the alcohol and drugs I found that the drinking and using is a symptom, the bottle and the line, pill, and/or "joint" is a symbol of a much deeper misery,

I can't agree with a lot of people that say Whitney Houston just "threw her life away". It's not that simple. There's a reason why people picked up a drink and/or a drug in the first place. Some sort of deeper psychic pain that they have picked up along the way in their life. I know for me it was the feeling I was "less than" because my folks dressed me funny and didn't fix my overbite back in the 3rd grade so I picked up to be accepted by my peers and to "join the human race". because I thought that that was what it was about.


But I really had no clue about anything until I'd hit a brick wall with my ways and started writing down on paper about why I hated myself and started forgiving myself and others. As a result, life got infinitely better for me. My eyes were clearer. I'd cleaned myself up physically shortly before I hit that wall. I was wet with the spirit and things came my way effortlessly. Never mind "The Secret" I was practicing that in my sleep before the book even came out.

Anyhow I found out that this dis-ease does kill. You can o.d. on drugs, drink yourself to death to the point of Cirossis or it can be something as simple as slipping in the shower and cracking your head open or drowning in the tub while drunk and/or high. Some of us get blessed and find a solution some of us pay the ultimate price like Whitney that never found her reason. Her young daughter Bobbi Kristina has a chance to break the chain of her mother's unfortunate legacy. I hope the Houston family mentors and raises her so what happened in their family will not happen to her.
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thank you for sharing your experience. you are right about how these problems with substances manifest in people and how to change things to the best of your ability and for self care. most people do not see it is within their grasp and our will can indeed be strong enough. <br />
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also, RIP Whitney, there is no need for blame here or hate... the world lost a beautiful voice when her flame died.