Leave It All Behind!

To me, a friend is a friend, regardless of their past. We all had some hardships in our pasts... and some of us had done so terrible things too. But, I'm always more interested in the present and the future! :-D

This shocks some, who do relay their pasts to me. But should it really? I mean, they don't care about my tragic past, of the many times I tried to take my own life. So, why should I let their past stop me for being a friend to them also? That's just silly! =p

Live and let live!

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6 Responses Jun 8, 2009

How can you hate someone's past and love their present? Our experiences make us who we are. You have to take the good with the bad. Otherwise you're just a fair weather friend.

Thank you!!! I really needed to know that not everyone will judge me on my mistakes. All of the people around me always judge.

Amen! I think that is what friendship is all about. How can you consider someone a friend if you have to hide things from them because they will respect you less if they knew the truth. Everybody has dark times or things that they are not proud of, finding excuses to exercise arrogance is not friendship. Finding ways to be supportive and encouraging, that's my kind of friendship.

Thanks again Shadow.<br />
You were still there for me when I revealed some horrible asspects of my past.

Thanks Shadow. You are a true friend and I am very lucky to know you. :)

SO TRUE.... Live and let live.... thats my motto :)