With A Little Help From My Friends.

Anthony is like my safe harbor, but then he's not... He's like a boat with a screwed engine. Always there parked in the harbor, he's there and I always rely on him being so, because he's MY boat. And everyone needs a boat just in case the city floods or something :p
The only problem with Anthony is his engine is screwed and when I do need him all he offers is a big dry metal bowl to stand in until helicopters come. Anthony is my closest friend so no helicopters come. I can't explain what he is to me, he's the brother I choose, he's my other half. As close to my other half anyone can get without me scaring them away. We're like two puzzle pieces to different puzzles cutting ourselves trying to fit together.

Kayla is like a drug, like panadol. I want her when I’m uncomfortable but I could probably get through without her. If I was stronger and less addicted. She is intelligent conversation. Kayla and all of her good intentions.

Veronica is too nice for her own good. I hate how easy it is to get her to do things. I love how easy it is. Gullible.

Marieziel is a solved mystery I still often wonder about. She is a self proclaimed ' selfishly dependent child' who has helped me so much over the time I’ve known her! How does that work? She's loud and crude, she's religious and thoughtful. AND she's incredibly cute!

"Ben" is a homosexual. He is in the closet to everyone but those who matter. That's what he told me so its okay that my main peeps are the only one's who know. HOWEVER. People think we go out because we're very close, i always correct them but he seems to be okay with people thinking that.  For some reason he's ashamed to be gay  (I'm venting) Its just hard, the guy i recently dated didn't even now. I wish he would d get over it, but then i have no right to say that because i don't know what he is feeling. i love him and i want him to feel accepted.

Dannielle. She is a liar and i laughed when i typed her name. She is deluded and an attention seeker, sometimes i want to stick an apple in her mouth and roast her (like NOW for example) but then sometimes it seems like shes the only one I can talk to.

Simon and Conner. Because they are one person. One brilliant eccentric loving person! 

Sharon. She used to be my narcotic she used to be my wrecked boat she used to be my other piece. She found sex and alcohol and put her hair down and her skirt up. SO each morning i text her "You coming to school today?" and she replies in the afternoon "I slept in definitely  tomorrow" This is our relationship now,, but i will never forget how it was before. We went to Taupo together and swam to the raft with my cousins we lay on a giant rock one night til we were completely covered in moth bites we each had a headphone listening to a WALKMAN we found at my nans house. I laugh with her over nothing and i miss that! <--- Sound abit like we were dating, Oh weelll.

Lexi- Took the blame for when I accidentally knocked the tennis Ball over the fence in primary (i was a sucker for confrontation- I blush) we've been close ever since.

Katherine you little complainer you! she talks and talks and talks but somehow she is the BEST listener. 

Matty- He is a friendship to last the ages! And although i have yet to meet him i know he will away be around.
"If only life would lead our way then you and me we'd run away to be wherever our adventure waits" :p

I get by with a little help form my friends:] They are the most important.

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Ouch no me? I realize i dont live there but COME ON :( btw what happn.d to sharon?