How I Learned To Appreciate What I Have

I have always seen myself as a person who did best with a few close friends. In fact, I had the same best friend from the time I was two until she went crazy, started doing drugs, and moved away three years ago. So it wasn't too hard to understand that after being in college a few years I still had not found a group of friends I fit in with. I like to party and drink, and most of the people I met at school were kind of religious and stuffy. Still, I would invite them to party.. they never came. Instead I would hang out with my boyfriend and his friends. We spent the past year together, throwing each other birthday parties, hitting the local bars for mardis gras and halloween, renting movies, playing video games, and talking a whole lot of nerd talk. Still, I considered them my boyfriend's friends, not my own.
Then last month, an uncomfortable situation with my roommate caused me to need to move out of my apartment quickly. I was overwhelmed with anxiety over the whole ordeal, and didn't want to have to spend hours and hours packing and slowly moving things out, all under the hateful gaze of my *****-*** roommate. Of course my boyfriend wanted to help, but that would only get me so far. So I asked his friends one by one, and each of came to help without complaint, even grumpy "I hate everyone" Nick. And Catherine packed up my bathroom, despite her phobia of shower walls <3 We got the whole place moved in about an hour.
That night as we celebrated over pizza and beer, I realized how many friends I truly do have. I really feel like this is a new beginning for me, and I am so happy to have friends to begin it with.
NovemberBlue NovemberBlue
22-25, F
Aug 11, 2010