Always Have Faith In Yourself

Since i was a child, my parents always support me for my decision making. I am grateful and thankful to God that He give me this exceptional gift that is two guardian angels of mine (my lovely parents). I love them and they love me too. Since i have two brothers, i want to be a good sister and be a role model to my brothers and to bring good image to my parents. They have done such a fine job in raising  three of their precious children to provide a good life. "Keep believing in yourself " and " you can do it " are the most encouraging and powerful phrase said to me by my parents, brothers, friends and teachers as a way of saying good luck to me. I really feel good and positive whenever all this support and encouragement that they give to me in everything that i do. But, there something that always make me feel inferior and low self-esteem, like i don't feel i have faith in myself sometime. Maybe i am just too pessimistic about the way people think about me and make me always feel that there is something wrong about me. Ok...(i am actually a moody person) and sometimes i feel so sorry for the way of my treatment to people even to my friends . Somehow, they still accept me and even my parents too. Maybe this is what we call genuine for abstract ( for the unseen thing) that always be with you but you never feel it or appreciate it. Thank God i am still sane now. Most of my friends like to keep their problems by themselves and me too. One day, one of my friend didn't tell me the good news that he got the offer for a scholarship and i wonder why he didn't tell me about this good thing as i have heard this news from my other friend. I realize that maybe i have done something wrong that he didn't even want to share this good news to me. He told me the truth that somehow he felt that i slowly to lose faith in myself because i always said that "i can't do it" and  make him feel so irritated and worried about me. Then he said that his mother always compliment me (Thank you aunty) and i just realize that he always share the good things that i've done to him to his mother. Because of that compliment, i change the way i think about people look at me (from bad to good) and always have faith in myself. So far, everything turn out smoothly.
StepLona StepLona
May 29, 2011