Funny But Awkward Mistake

One day, i decided to commute. There were a lot of passengers and a guy seated beside me. It was nothing to me and i just ignored him. That's what i always do. Later on, friends of his i suppose greeted him and wave. I can read their eyes and they were looking at me and the guy. Again, i took no hold of any attention. Just then the girl slapped the guy's knee and told him that she thinks we need to work it out, and looked at me intently. I was shocked and still processing the words in my mind that i didn't even realized my disgust reaction. I frowned and ignored them once more. When they arrived at their destination (guy's friends who happens to be a couple), they waved goodbye and told us again that we should talk about it or what. And me, who's always weird and plain didn't even bother to pay attention to them. Hmmm now i saw the guy again and realized that our position in the jeepney (public vehicle in our country) was like really lovers on a fight. I always get this frowning face every time and I remembered he really looked worried that day. Was that so? When we met again, he looked at me and i wanna burst out laughing at the thought that we were mistaken once. My friend noticed his stares and told me. Then i replayed to her my story and she was laughing the whole time because she was on the same situation before. That was really awkward thinking that my frown and disgusted reactions gave the guy's friends the idea that we really were undergoing some 'stuff of trials and problems' and the guy happened to be so worried-looking. Really really gauche yet funny. Hope it will not happen again, or of it will i just hope i won't slap their faces. Hahaha! I'm NBSB by the way. :)
Eccentricism23 Eccentricism23
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012