Weird Bunch.

My super rich gay friend
My introvert, 'lets watch movies and eat cheese cake' friend
My genuine, warm hearted, supportive BEST friend
My athletic, experienced in life, adrenaline junky friend
My atheltic, experienced in life, adrenaline junky friend's boyfriend who is also an atheltic, experienced it all, adrenaline junky
My DJ/ Photographer friend who thinks his the hottest man alive
And me. We're a weird bunch. I love them all for their flaws, for their abilities, for their strengths, for their mistakes, their lessons, their darkest secrets, their happiest moments, OUR happiest moments. I love my friends :)
petiterebel petiterebel
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

wish i had friends like that.
mine are like:
the "yes" man
the drug dealer
the snake in the grass
the secretly jealous of u and plotting your demise guy
etc etc

Lol, then find some new friends?

Sounds like a blast of fun! LOL

hahaha, we are :)