The Friend Zone!

Although I call this story the friend zone remember the frase "don't judge a book by its cover"

I have Many friends, two of these many are female, and both of these I have liked - A Lot.

Both friendships I treasure more than my own life, so whatever I may say... you get it.

these amazing girls will go unnamed, i love them both, they are two of my best friends and i - now - do not want anything more than i have with them. both of our relationships started very abruptly, straight we got on very well we were happy to talk about personal things and were great friends.

I became interested in both of them but any move i made was brushed to the side, with one of the girls i confessed my feelings and was met with the 'Friendzone' type deal. with the other i did and have not.

both of these girls ended up going out with my two best male friends and after all this i cant help thinking that i am too happy being the friend, i never put up a fight for the girl i like, instead i just say if they are happy then so am i, and so far the only thing i have felt is loneliness not happiness...
Inkletblot Inkletblot
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013