The Man With The Fastpass

I should've known he'd issue some sort of rejoinder. But when I saw the message from him with the subject line "Interesting,"  I assumed it'd be a link to a **** clip or a tumblr or a sex story.  That's often what he shares with me.  He used to write the most lovely long fantasies, but it's been a while since he's done that.  Our relationship has evolved, you see.

I opened his message and sighed.

"We don't just immediately launch into a session"

Huh. I know I am not among your "lovers" so I must assume you are different with them. Interesting.

He was quoting my own words back at me.  Taunting me a bit.  See, I'd begun this one essay like this:
When lovers engage via the internet, there are certain protocols. At least, there are with me and the gentlemen I adore the most.  There's usually a bit of foreplay, some chat to warm things up.  We don't just immediately launch into a session.

The funny thing is I consider him one of my lovers.  But I'd never tell him that.  He gets all weirded out when I use that word, like it's establishing some sort of emotional bond between us when he just wants to be my friend.  My friend who ***** me via computer.  My cyber **** buddy.

I'd resisted that word for months, fighting him on it because it just sounds so casual, so heartless.  I am all about the heart, you see.  A true romantic, who wants - no, needs - to be loved.  And to love.  So his insistence that we were just **** buddies was anathema to me.  Still, I know when to give in.  If he needs the reassurance of that, if he disdains the notion that we're lovers, I can keep it to myself.

As for the other bit, he's right.  We often don't engage in foreplay, he and I.  He goes straight for the good stuff many times, urgently needing to get off.  Many times, he's already hard when he rings my virtual doorbell.  I don't mind.  He's special.  We've known each other a long time and shared a helluva lot of our personal lives with each other.  He knows my real name and I know his.  He makes me laugh and he makes me ***.  He is, for all intents and purposes, my lover.  But he won't meet me in person, which maddens me.  He has this notion that as long as I'm married, I'm off limits, even though he's single and horny. 

I never said he was smart.  But he is desirable.  So I put up with his quirks.

Knowing who he is, I also know his mobile number.  And since he knows who I am, I've given him mine.  That makes it easier if I'm not online and he needs to *** and wants me to watch him on cam.  He just texts me.  He wasn't online when I read his note, and I wanted to respond right away.  So I texted him.

You are in a special category, O He Whose Needs Are Often Urgent.  Foreplay not required.

It bothers him a bit, you see, that he is a bit of a beast who has to splooge and he worries that he is not observing the social niceties, but just cutting to the chase with me.  I don't care.  I love the guy.  He's awesome and funny and cute.  And he makes me feel desirable, which believe you me is not always easy with my insecurities about such stuff.

Playing with men online is a bit like going to a sexual Disneyland.  It's a very wonderful bunch of rides.  Some of them are real rollercoasters.  He can be like that sometimes.  You know, like the Indiana Jones ride?  It's very popular, though, and I always make sure to get a fastpass for it so that I don't have to just wait in the queue.  I like to jump in and start the ******* adventure.  Other times, we just chat about life.  He and I both love to talk about films.  Besides the ones on xHamster, I mean.  He always watches the Golden Globes and the Tonys and the Oscars.  He knows his stuff about the popular culture and literary things I enjoy.  Silly stuff as well as more serious.   I imagine it like the two of us going down the path from the Indiana Jones ride, past the Jungle Cruise, to the Tiki Room.  Listening to the birds sing words and the flowers croon, my dear fuckbuddy and I.
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Interesting...and a very captivating read. I feel I know this person...but that's probably just me being silly. It's funny how different people can bring out our different sides....but there's always that *special one* who gets most if not all of our sides...and really speaks to our soul. Great read as always Girlfriend. :)


Some women need a caveman in their life for those tender times they need to be taken (in an ethical but forceful way).

Exactly. Good philosophy there, my friend.

Another beautiful weaved story. I'm sure he will appreciate al the good things you have to say.

Thanks, but I doubt it. He will be grumpy that I used the L word, but that's tough ****. It's how I roll. :-D