My "playmate"

Sorry guys, but I prefer the term "playmate" to "f***-buddy" It just sounds so crude to me, and my playmate isn't like that at all....except in bed!

He's a wonderful guy- he's been there for me when I've needed someone, sitting up with me 'till 4am once (when he had to get up  for work at 6am) when I lost another very dear friend to a motorcycle accident.

When my daughter had major surgery on her back he made sure to text me every day, just to check on how I was coping with everything. We don't need to say the words, but he and I care about each other very much.

We've had a lot of laughs together over the years, I've cried on his shoulder and he's moaned about his steady girlfriends. We've always been upfront and honest with each other about any other relationships, to the point where I once had to let him know that as far as his then-current girlfriend was concerned, I thought the "good" part was pretty much over... I really hated telling him that was what I thought, but he's one of the best friends I've ever had, and I don't think there's anything I wouldn't do for him. 

I know there's not a lot that he wouldn't do for me..

He and I also see eye-to-eye on a lot of things- we always have- including the fact that (for us, at least) monogamy sucks.. 

Yes, I'm married and I'm also the luckiest woman alive. My Hubby knows I have a playmate and he's just fine about it- in fact they both get along quite well! I really appreciate that, as there are things that I like in bed that Hubby doesn't, but my playmate does. This means that Hubby doesn't feel obliged to do them to "keep me happy" as my playmate is more than happy to oblige my little quirks....

He also has the utmost respect for my marriage, and is the absolute soul of discretion in front of my friends and family.

He has a steady girlfriend who doesn't like a few things that he likes in bed, so we see each other now and then (schedules and partners permitting) to have the "fun stuff"

I try not to get his girlfriend too hacked off with the situation. She and I don't get along, and I completely avoid her. She knows he comes to see me for a little "fun", but she absolutely hates him seeing me...  I know if I were her I'd be grateful that he was being upfront and honest with me, rather than seeing someone else behind my back...

Yes, I really love my Playmate- is that a suprise?

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4 Responses Oct 18, 2009

Sounds like the perfect situation all round....a very much win win situation ;-)

I think it's great, I wish more people could accept that not everyone can and should be monogamous, some of us can and do love two people at the same time without harming anyone.

wow! pretty cool, good for you. I think I might be a tiny bit on sister!

No, it's not a surprise.<br />
It's rather fortunate that you have got two guys in your life who know and understand you that well though! AND it's brilliant that you can distinguish between the two as well - managing to love both, but presumably in different ways?